We are a TEAM. And as teammates we are committed every day to:

  • Accountability, mutual respect, and honesty.
  • Customer service that benefits our customers before it benefits us.

Key Phrases We Use within the company:

"Treat it like it's your name on the sign."
"Treat them like you want to be treated."
"What would you do if it were your money?"
"Through "good, bad, or ugly" moments, just always be honest."
"Be a problem solver!"
"What exactly is their pain?"

We are passionate about winning!

What is winning in our business?


How do we go about building strong relationships?

  • Caring (aka taking ownership)
  • Solving problems (if you have a problem, we will help solve it - even if RPM derives no benefit)
  • Eliminating pain (it gives us satisfaction to make things as pain-free as possible!)
  • Communicating (through good or bad, the channel of communication needs to be open)
  • Listening (often the hardest - yet most important - aspect of our job!)

Who We Are

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