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Ventrac Equipment in Fort Wayne, IN

Ventrac is a compact tractor manufacturer known for creating durable and high-quality equipment. At RPM Machinery, we’re proud to be a certified dealer of Ventrac compact tractors in Fort Wayne, IN. Contact RPM Machinery today to learn more about how Ventrac’s compact tractors can help with your latest job.

  • Ventrac 4520

    The Vetrac 4520 is created to handle nearly any job you entrust it with. Its FlexFrame design provides tight turn radiuses, consistent contact with the ground, and a smoother overall ride than you’ll get from many other compact tractors.

    Both agile and packed with power, the Ventrac 4520 can maneuver around tight areas that many other compact tractors aren’t able to. The ability to transfer weight provides the 4520 with better traction and stability when navigating on sloped areas.

    Because the 4520 was built with versatility in mind, the system is compatible with a number of different attachments that help it tackle a variety of different jobs. From snow removal and turf maintenance to soil and site preparation, you can count on the Ventrac 4520 in Fort Wayne to help you get the job done more efficiently and easily than ever before. 

    Get in contact with RPM Machinery today to learn more about the mowing, aerating, sweeping, and hauling abilities of the Ventrac 4520 compact tractor.

  • Ventrac SSV (Sidewalk Snow Vehicle)

    Removing snow and ice has never been easier than it is with Ventrac’s Sidewalk Snow Vehicle in Fort Wayne. This machine features an industry-first 36-inch width, allowing it to reach tight and compact areas that other snow removal vehicles can’t access.

    Ventrac’s SSV utilizes a stand-on 4×4 skid that provides you with optimal control over the machine. Like the Ventrac 4520, the SSV is compatible with additional attachments that will keep you ready for even the toughest of winter storms. Consider installing some of the following attachments to achieve maximum productivity from the Ventrac SSV:

    Brine Kit

    36” V-Blade

    Snow Plow

    Snow Blower

    Snow Bucket

    Wind Screen

    To learn more about the Ventrac SSV, or any of its attachments, contact RPM Machinery today.

RPM Machinery’s “Right Fit” Process

RPM Machinery knows that finding the right equipment for your needs is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve created our “Right Fit” process to ensure you’re receiving the best equipment for the job.

The “Right Fit” process includes the following steps:

  • Pre-Bid: During the pre-bid stage, we’ll assess a potential relationship and determine how we can provide a positive impact and experience.
  • Blueprint Review: After the pre-bid stage, we’ll assess your current equipment fleet and discuss your future goals to ensure that we provide you with the best possible equipment.
  • Planning and Estimating: Here, we’ll establish expectations and provide you with clarifications regarding any of your products. We’ll also estimate costs and confirm that your equipment is the right fit.
  • Mobilization: During the mobilization stage, we’ll provide a product demonstration to show how the equipment works.
  • Groundbreaking: During groundbreaking, we’ll deliver your new equipment and answer any final questions you might have about the machinery.
  • Ribbon Cutting: Finally, during the ribbon-cutting stage, we provide ongoing support and training

Contact RPM Machinery for Ventrac Equipment in Fort Wayne, IN

At RPM Machinery, we provide Ventrac equipment in Fort Wayne, IN and a wide range of construction equipment. From the Ventrac 4520 to the Sidewalk Snow Vehicle, equipment from Ventrac can help with virtually any job. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about Ventrac equipment or to request a product demonstration.

RPM Machinery Assurance Plan

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