A Powerful Breaker with Less Shock

Indeco crushes any job

Break through the hardest materials even faster and with less jarring, thanks to Indeco’s line of versatile, durable hydraulic breakers. Indeco breakers are equipped with ABF Technology that prevents dry firing, and dual shock absorbers that redirect vibrations back into the concrete, rock, or asphalt.

Hydraulic Breakers
Model Pressure Adjusted (psi) Operating Weight (lb)
Indeco HP 500 FS 2,400 470 – 510
Indeco HP 750 FS 2,400 670 – 710
Indeco HP 1100 FS 2,500 980

Available for delivery from our Indianapolis,
Lafayette, and Fort Wayne locations

Due to multiple configuration options for each machine, these specifications should be used for general reference purposes only. Please contact us for exact specification information. Makes and models are subject to change. All equipment is subject to availability.

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