Helping the Indianapolis FedEx Hub Run in Any Weather

RPM and CASE Help Keep the Runways Clear 24/7

John Hall Construction is a construction company just outside Indianapolis that likes to stay busy all year. They do excavation, trucking, farming, athletic field work, and snow removal. When they were asked to handle snow removal at the Indianapolis FedEx hub, they turned to RPM to make sure they could get the job done.


"We chose CASE for the price, the value, their Pro Care feature, and, specifically, the extended reach option in their loaders. CASE equipment meets the needs of our diverse operation."


"We enjoy working with RPM for their service, product support, and friendly, knowledgeable sales reps. During snow removal we are on call 24/7 for four months, and we need the most reliable and dependable equipment available. Downtime is not an option."

Why the 721 GXR model

"Our employees benefit from the visibility offered by the comfortable cab, and the maneuverability and power of the 721 GXR model."

Case Construction