RPM is a multi-generational, closely held family business that operates in a family environment. We believe that businesses like ours are the backbone of America. We have a unique culture and a great story to tell. What we are today is the sum of everything that has happened in the past, and this story is what ties us all together. By paying attention to our history, we will always be able to improve.

Harry MacDonald
Founder & Owner, 1965 – 1983

Ben Johnston
Owner, 1983 – 1998

Mark Johnston & Joe Shimek
Co-Owners, 1998 – 2012


Our Core Focus

  • Our Purpose—Grow relationships that build and maintain our communities.
  • Our Niche—Delivering productivity solutions to hands-on equipment owners.

Core Values

  • Do the right thing—The RPM team focuses on providing customized solutions for your projects. That's why we use our Right Fit Process to make sure you have everything you need to exceed your goals consistently.
  • Own it and improve it—We feel responsible for every piece of machinery that passes through our door. We always strive to make it better.
  • Work hard and never give up—When we take on a task, we see it through to the end, putting everything we have into providing the most efficient solutions and results.
  • Help the team win—We're on a team with our customers. Our community is what's important to us. When one of us wins, we all win.
  • Be positive and enjoy life—We believe in seizing every opportunity to help our friends and neighbors achieve their dreams. There is simply nothing better than helping those you care about.

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