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CASE Wheel Loader Service

Wheel loaders make it easier than ever to load and carry sand, rocks, dirt, and other materials. Because your wheel loader is such a valuable part of your heavy equipment fleet, it’s important to ensure it is in peak operating condition to avoid downtime and extend the life of your investment. And that’s where regular service and maintenance comes in.

At RPM Machinery, we proudly provide service for CASE wheel loaders across Indiana. Whether at our Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, or Franklin location, our team of experienced service technicians are ready and happy to serve you in the highest capacity. 

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  • Routine Maintenance, Repair, and Service for All CASE Wheel Loaders

    CASE manufactures an impressive line of wheel loaders that helps construction professionals get the job done more easily and with greater efficiency. Like all equipment from CASE, their wheel loaders are incredibly rugged and durable. 

    But like any piece of equipment, extended use and wear and tear can cause issues that affect the machinery’s performance and abilities. That’s why keeping up with your wheel loader maintenance is so important – and that’s also where RPM Machinery can help.

    At RPM Machinery, our team proudly provides CASE wheel loader service for all models, including: 

    • 521G
    • 621G
    • 721G
    • 821G
    • 921G
    • 1021G
    • 1121G

    Whether you’re looking for a simple engine oil change, help with one of your wheel loader’s attachments, looking to maximize fuel efficiency, or are having trouble with your cooling system, RPM Machinery can provide maintenance, repairs, and general service tailored to your specific CASE wheel loader. 

    Explore Our Repair and Service Offerings for Other CASE Machinery

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  • Repairs and Maintenance for CASE Wheel Loaders

    When your wheel loader experiences issues, acting quickly can prevent a complete breakdown that hinders your company and leads to lost jobs, time, and revenue. RPM Machinery is proud to be a CASE-authorized dealer in Indiana that also provides service, so you can keep up with regular wheel loader maintenance that keeps your heavy equipment delivering optimal performance.

    Come to us for the following services for CASE wheel loaders:

    • Hydraulic System Repairs: Whether you’re having trouble with your lift cylinders, have a leak that needs repair, or are looking to replace some hoses, our team can tackle any issue threatening your hydraulic system.
    • Engine Troubles: Issues with fuel systems, overheating, air intake problems, engine timing, or electrical issues can affect engine performance. Prompt repairs can restore your equipment to proper performance.
    • Transmission Problems: Gear slippage, transmission fluid leaks, or clutch-related issues can lead to serious issues and even a complete system failure. Trust your wheel loader’s maintenance to us.
    • Tire or Wheel Maintenance: If your tires have experienced wear, damage, or punctures, we can provide repairs or replacements to keep your wheel loader running properly.
    • Electrical System Repairs: Faulty wiring, malfunctioning switches, or battery-related problems can affect the safety and efficiency of your machinery.
    • Regular Servicing: RPM Machinery provides routine maintenance for wheel loaders, such as oil changes, filter replacements, and lubrication, to prevent breakdowns. We’ll help you set up a regular maintenance schedule.
    • Brake Adjustments: Our team can repair worn brake pads, brake fluid leaks, or issues with the braking system.

    Learn more about RPM’s CASE Equipment Services offered throughout Indiana.

  • Increase Uptime, Decrease Downtime

    At RPM Machinery, our goal is to keep your equipment in the field for longer periods of time. We understand the critical role your CASE wheel loader plays in your operations, and our comprehensive repair and preventive maintenance services are tailored to eliminate equipment downtime.

    Say goodbye to periodic maintenance and hello to proactive maintenance, timely repairs, and a dedicated support team that can keep your wheel loader operating at peak efficiency. Our CASE-certified technicians meticulously inspect, diagnose, and address issues before they escalate, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

  • Schedule With RPM Machinery Today and Experience Uninterrupted Performance

    At RPM Machinery, we are dedicated to providing swift, reliable solutions to ensure your equipment operates seamlessly. As a CASE-authorized dealer, we provide genuine CASE to get your wheel loader back up and running in no time. If you can’t make it to us, we even offer on-site service across Indiana.

    Don’t let downtime disrupt your operations – book your service with us today and keep your CASE wheel loader at its best!