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Case Equipment Services

CASE manufactures industry-leading equipment that helps construction companies get the job done right. RPM Machinery is the top CASE construction dealer in Indiana and we have locations in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Franklin, and Lafayette.

  • CASE Equipment Services from Factory-Trained Professionals

    When you choose RPM Machinery for CASE equipment services, you’ll receive nothing less than the best. We take pride in offering you the expertise of our factory-trained professionals who are dedicated to keeping your CASE machinery performing at its peak. 

    Our commitment to excellence is evident in our ongoing investment in training, ensuring that our team is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to serve you in the highest capacity.

    Our technicians undergo rigorous factory training programs directly from CASE, gaining in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of your equipment. This certification process enables them to diagnose issues accurately and efficiently, and perform repairs and maintenance with precision. 

    Whether it’s engines, hydraulics, electrical, or any other system, our factory-trained professionals possess a deep understanding of CASE equipment, allowing them to address any challenges with confidence.

    Reach out to RPM Machinery today to get started.

  • Improve Equipment Uptime With RPM Machinery

    RPM Machinery’s repair and maintenance services from our factory-trained technicians keep your equipment in the field — where it’s meant to be. Increased uptime provides your business with benefits like:

    • Greater Productivity: Sustained equipment uptime leads to uninterrupted operations, boosting productivity and minimizing workflow disruptions.
    • Cost Savings: Decreased downtime results in cost savings, curbing maintenance expenses and optimizing resource allocation.
    • On-time Project Completion: Reliable equipment uptime empowers businesses to meet deadlines and fulfill customer obligations promptly.
    • Enhanced Equipment Lifespan: Uninterrupted functionality with limited downtime contributes to extending the overall lifespan of machinery and equipment.
  • RPM Machinery’s Maintenance Agreements

    Recognizing the demands on your schedule, we understand the last thing you need is the added concern of Morbark equipment upkeep. That’s why RPM Machinery ofers tailored maintenance packages that provide your equipment with timely and essential care.

    Enrolling in a heavy equipment maintenance plan can even reduce equipment breakdowns by 70-75%. Speak with one of our skilled RPM Machinery representatives today to discuss the details of our maintenance packages or to begin enrolling in a maintenance agreement. 

    Your machinery’s reliable operation is our priority. By enrolling in a maintenance agreement with RPM Machinery, you can focus on your other tasks with confidence.

  • Choose RPM Machinery for CASE Equipment Services

    At RPM Machinery, we understand the intricacies that come with equipment operating at its peak performance. Our commitment to excellence, backed by a team of skilled professionals and factory-certified technicians, sets us apart as your trusted partner in maintaining the reliability and efficiency of your machinery.

    With years of experience in the industry, we recognize that every project and job site demands the utmost precision and productivity. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide tailored solutions that address any issues you may experience.

    Contact our team today for CASE equipment services in the Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Franklin, and Lafayette areas.

  • CASE Equipment Maintenance

    Planned Maintenance plays an important role in protecting your construction fleet. RPM helps you track your maintenance intervals, reduce downtime, and reduce your budgeting.

    RPM Machinery identifies problems and repairs them before failure occurs. This attention to detail helps minimize costs and protects your equipment from more significant repairs.

    Maintenance also improves your fuel economy, efficiency, and usability of your equipment in the field. Operators and jobsites run smoother with well-maintained equipment.

  • Inspections

    Certified technicians from RPM Machinery protects your equipment investment and improves the resale value with complete documentation of service history.

    RPM Machinery can also schedule maintenance inspections around your schedule including off-season inspections for equipment that operates seasonally.

    From loaders to forklifts, hydraulic systems are the lifeblood of your CASE equipment, enabling precise movements and heavy-lifting capabilities. Regular hydraulics maintenance is crucial to prevent downtime and costly repairs. Our skilled technicians at RPM Machinery have extensive experience in servicing CASE hydraulic systems.

    What Type of Systems Are Incluced in Maintenance?

    Hydraulics maintenance services from RPM Machinery typically include:

    • Fluid Inspection and Replacement: Hydraulic fluid levels and quality should be checked regularly to ensure optimal system performance and prevent wear. If fluid levels are low or it’s degraded over time, RPM Machinery can perform a fluid replacement.
    • Seal and Hose Checks: Our technicians will thoroughly inspect hydraulic seals and hoses for any signs of leaks, cracks, or wear. Timely identification and replacement of impacted parts can prevent fluid loss and maintain your system’s integrity.
    • Pressure Testing: We conduct pressure tests to ensure your hydraulic system operates within safe and efficient parameters, minimizing the risk of system failure.
    • Component Servicing: Our experts are well-versed in servicing hydraulic pumps, cylinders, valves, and other components, enhancing their lifespan and performance.


    Equipment from CASE features intricate electrical systems that are responsible for controlling various functions. RPM Machinery’s electrical maintenance services cater to these complex systems, ensuring they operate well without any interruptions. Our electrical maintenance services include:

    • Diagnostic Scans: RPM’s technicians utilize advanced diagnostic tools to efficiently find any electrical issues, allowing for accurate repairs and minimizing your equipment’s downtime.
    • Wiring Inspection and Repair: We carefully inspect and repair damaged wiring, connectors, and electrical components, ensuring all components and connection points are functioning correctly.
    • Battery Health: Our team monitors battery health and performs load tests to prevent unexpected power failures. We have battery replacements on-site, should your battery drain quickly or fail our load tests.
    • Control System Calibration: We calibrate control systems to ensure accurate operation and responsiveness, optimizing your equipment’s performance.


    The engine is the heart of your CASE equipment. It provides the power your equipment needs for even the most demanding construction jobs. Regular engine maintenance helps your CASE equipment run smoothly and efficiently, preventing expensive replacements.

    CASE engine maintenance from RPM Machinery includes:

    • Oil and Filter Changes: Routine oil and filter changes promote clean lubrication, reduce engine wear, and maintain optimal performance.
    • Air Filter Replacements: We inspect and replace air filters to prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine, preserving its efficiency and longevity.
    • Cooling System Checks: Our technicians ensure the cooling system is functioning correctly, preventing overheating and maintaining consistent engine temperatures.
    • Fuel System Inspections: We inspect the fuel system for clogs, leaks, and proper fuel delivery, ensuring efficient combustion and reducing emissions.

    At the #1 CASE dealer in Indiana, you can trust RPM Machinery with your CASE equipment maintenance needs. Give us a call today to learn more about how our services can help you improve your equipment’s uptime.

  • CASE Equipment Repairs

    CASE Equipment is renowned for its durable construction machinery, but like all heavy-duty equipment, it may require occasional repairs. Trustworthy and timely repairs ensure that CASE machines continue to operate at peak performance, minimizing downtime.

  • Hydraulics

    Nearly any job you entrust with your CASE equipment utilizes the machine’s hydraulic system. Our hydraulics repair services are designed to swiftly diagnose and rectify issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing system performance.

    Our CASE hydraulics repair services include:

    • Component Replacement: Prompt replacement of damaged or worn hydraulic components, including pumps, valves, cylinders, and hoses, to restore optimal system functionality.
    • Seal and Gasket Repair: Skilled repair of seals and gaskets to prevent hydraulic fluid leaks and ensure efficient operation.
    • Hydraulic Line Repair: Expert repair of hydraulic lines to address leaks, cracks, or other damage, maintaining proper fluid flow and pressure.
    • Hydraulic System Overhaul: Comprehensive system overhaul to address complex hydraulic issues, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
    • Performance Testing: Rigorous testing of repaired hydraulic systems to verify proper operation and identify any additional areas needing attention. If any further issues are identified, we can provide the swift repairs your equipment needs in order to restore performance.


    Today’s CASE equipment utilizes advanced electrical systems that provide your equipment with precise control and safety features. RPM Machinery’s CASE electrical repair services are geared towards the fast identification and resolution of any electrical problems to help your equipment run smoothly.

    Our electrical repair services feature:

    Wiring and Connector Repair

    Skilled repair of damaged wiring, connectors, and electrical components can restore proper functionality to your equipment and prevent malfunctions. No matter the extent of the damage, RPM Machinery can help.

    Control Module Replacement

    Our team can replace any malfunctioning control modules to ensure accurate equipment operation.

    Sensor Calibration and Replacement

    The recalibration or replacement of sensors allows for accurate data input and system responsiveness.

    Circuit Diagnosis and Repair

    RPM Machinery offers thorough electrical circuit diagnosis and repair to resolve issues like short circuits, open circuits, or any voltage irregularities.

    Emergency System Repair

    Emergency system breakdowns can quickly become dangerous. RPM Machinery offers fast and efficient emergency system, alarm, and shut-off mechanism repairs to keep your employees safe.


    Any engine issues can keep your equipment from producing the mechanical energy necessary to drive your operations forward. At RPM Machinery, we offer comprehensive repair solutions to address engine issues and ensure reliable operation. Our services include:

    • Engine Component Repair: Skilled repair of engine components, including pistons, cylinders, crankshafts, and camshafts, to restore proper combustion and power delivery.
    • Fuel System Overhaul: Comprehensive overhaul of the fuel system, including injectors, filters, and pumps, to ensure efficient fuel combustion.
    • Cooling System Repair: Swift repair of cooling system components to prevent overheating and maintain optimal engine temperature.
    • Exhaust System Maintenance: Repair and maintenance of the exhaust system to reduce emissions and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
    • Engine Performance Tuning: Fine-tuning engine performance parameters for enhanced power, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability.