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CASE Skid Steer Repair and Service

From dumping and lifting to hauling and material handling, your skid steer loader can help with nearly any project on the job site. With extensive use, however, comes the need for the occasional repair and regular maintenance.

If you need skid steer repair, maintenance, or service for your CASE machine (or your entire fleet), look no further than RPM Machinery. Our Indiana factory-trained team has solutions for all your CASE skid steer service needs.

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  • Maintenance Solutions to Increase Equipment Uptime

    Unplanned construction equipment downtime can have a variety of negative impacts on your business, from lost productivity to even lost jobs and revenue. Routine maintenance helps to keep your equipment up and running, preventing issues before they ever occur in the first place.  

    When the time comes to schedule maintenance for CASE equipment, it’s important to work with an authorized dealer who has been factory-trained on their exact machinery. RPM Machinery’s maintenance services for CASE skid steer loaders include:

    • Track and Tire Maintenance: Regular maintenance involves checking tracks or tires for wear, cuts, or punctures. Replacement might be necessary due to extensive wear and tear or damage caused by sharp objects or rough terrain. Proper tensioning and alignment are vital to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
    • Brake Adjustments: Skid steer loaders can encounter brake-related problems such as worn brake pads, brake fluid leaks, or issues with the brake calipers. Regular inspections and adjustments ensure proper brake functionality and safety.
    • Cooling System Maintenance: The cooling system might face issues like radiator leaks, hose damage, or thermostat malfunctions. Regular checks and maintenance help prevent overheating and maintain proper engine temperature.
    • General Maintenance: Routine maintenance includes oil changes, filter replacements, and greasing moving parts. This preventive approach helps to keep the skid steer loader in optimal working condition and reduces the likelihood of major repairs.

    Learn more about RPM’s CASE Equipment Services offered throughout Indiana.

  • Skid Steer Loader Repairs

    From minor repairs to engine replacements and everything in between, regular equipment maintenance from RPM Machinery can restore your CASE skid steer loader back to peak performance. We stock genuine CASE parts to provide you with the reliability and durability you expect from your CASE skid steer loader.

    Our team can repair any skid steer loader issues:

    • Hydraulic Systems: A skid steer loader’s hydraulic system can occasionally face leaks due to worn seals or damaged hoses. Cylinder repairs might involve resealing or replacing components like pistons or rods, while pump issues could range from cavitation to motor failure.
    • Engines: Skid steer loader engines may experience issues with fuel injection, leading to poor performance, starting difficulties, and a drop in system efficiency. Our team can repair any engine trouble, including overheating and electrical problems.
    • Transmissions: Skid steer loaders might encounter transmission issues such as gear slippage due to worn-out components, low transmission fluid levels, or problems with the clutch system, requiring adjustments or replacements.
    • Electrical Systems: Troubleshooting electrical issues might involve diagnosing faulty wiring, addressing malfunctions in switches or sensors, or resolving problems with the battery or charging system to ensure proper functionality.
    • Buckets and Attachments: Over time, wear and tear on bucket edges or teeth might require repairs or replacements. Hydraulic attachment malfunctions could involve troubleshooting hydraulic lines, seals, or valves, while linkage issues might require adjustments or replacements for optimal performance.

    Explore Our Repair and Service Offerings for Other CASE Machinery

  • Work With RPM Machinery — Your Trusted CASE Authorized Dealer

    At RPM Machinery, we pride ourselves on being your premier destination for all your CASE skid steer loader needs. As an authorized dealer and service provider, we offer an extensive range of genuine CASE parts, coupled with certified technicians ready to provide top-notch service and support.

    Our commitment to excellence means you’ll experience unparalleled expertise, reliability, and efficiency in every interaction. From routine maintenance and repairs to sourcing genuine CASE parts and attachments to helping you source new equipment, our dedicated team is here to ensure you get the best CASE skid steer performance.

    Reach out today to learn more about our extensive inventory.

  • Schedule CASE Skid Steer Loader Services

    RPM Machinery proudly serves customers throughout Indiana. With locations in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, and Franklin, there’s an RPM Machinery location near you.

    Get in contact with our team today to schedule service for your CASE skid steer loader.