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New Rayco Equipment

Rayco Manufacturing

Rayco manufactures the world’s leading equipment and products for the tree and landscape industries, including stump cutters, forestry mulchers, crawler trucks, aerial trimmers and much more. Rayco’s goal is to meet and succeed the expectations of its clients by offering an innovative line of equipment that is suited for any budget and job.

RPM Machinery is a proud supplier of all of Rayco’s equipment, and we’re here to assist with any questions you might have. Contact RPM Machinery today to discuss our line of Rayco Manufacturing products.

Self-Propelled Equipment

RPM Machinery sells a full line of Rayco’s self-propelled equipment for the tree and landscaping industry. These powerful and innovative machines do the heavy cutting while you control their movement from a distance.

  • RG165T-R Stump Cutter

    The RG165T-R can remove large stumps in no time at all, while maneuvering in tight areas with retractable tracks.

  • RG80-R Stump Cutter

    The RG80-R used a hydrostatic cutter wheel drive and a powerful 85-horsepower engine to remove backyard stumps with ease.

  • RG74T-R Stump Cutter

    The RG74-T packs a punch! With its large displacement diesel engine, this stump cutter delivers more cutting power than most 100-horsepower cutters.

  • RG55 Stump Cutter

    This compact stump cutter has all the features customers need and want.

  • RG55T-R Stump Cutter

    The top features of the RG55T-R stump cutter include a hydraulic backfill blade, a gasoline Kubota engine and non-marking rubber tracks.

  • RG37T Track Jr Stump Cutter

    This compact stump cutter provides the traction to go where tires can’t!

  • RG37 Super Jr Stump Cutter

    Don’t let the junior in its name fool you. The RG37 Super Jr Stump Cutter has the power of a 37-horsepower engine to get the job done quickly and effectively.

  • RG27 Super Jr Stump Cutter

    The RG27 model is the original self-propelled stump cutter professionals have relied on since 1986.

Articulated Wheel Loaders

  • 1800AWL Articulated Wheel Loader

    The 1800AWL offers both versatility and power. It comes standard with a mid-skid steer, telescoping boom and articulated design.

Forest Mulchers >200 HP

  • T415 Forestry Mulcher & Hydra-Stumper

    With the T415 forestry machine, customers can switch between a Hydra-Stumper and a forestry mower/mulcher for greater versatility.

  • C275 Forestry Mulcher

    The C275 is a mid-sized mulcher with 275 horsepower. It’s well suited to clear unwanted vegetation, small trees, and underbrush.

Aerial Trimmer

  • AT75 Aerial Trimmer

    The AT75 features a tight turning radius and shorter carrier length.


  • RG74DXH Stump Cutter

    Rayco’s RG74DXH stump cutter can tackle any sized job due to its large cutting dimensions and chip capacity.

Mulchers <200 HP

  • C120R Forestry Mulcher

    The C120R has the characteristics of a forestry machine but the capability of crossing sensitive turf and roadways!

  • C200R Forestry Mulcher

    The C200R is a powerful, compact mulcher that knows how to get the job done.

Mini Work-Force

  • RG25HD Stump Cutter

    The RG25HD is a staple in the industry and is the largest of the mini work-force models.

  • RG13 Series II Stump Cutter

    Don’t let the RG13 Series II’s compact size and affordability fool you – it offers a commercial-grade solution for your stump-cutting needs.

Stump Cutter Trailers

  • TF100 Trailer

    This trailer is specially designed to haul the Rayco RG165T-R self-propelled stump cutter.

  • TRG Trailer

    This trailer is specifically designed to haul the self-propelled Super Jr, Trac Jr, RG55 and RG80 stump cutters.

Crawler Trucks

  • RCT150 Crawler Truck

    The RCT150 has the capability to carry 15,000 pounds, while its 275-horsepower CAT Tier 4 engine provides more horsepower than other machines in its class.

Contact RPM Machinery Today to Learn About Our Line of Rayco Equipment

We’re excited to be an official supplier of Rayco Manufacturing equipment for the tree and landscaping industry. For questions about our offerings of Rayco equipment, contact RPM Machinery today.

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