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New Thunder Creek Equipment

Thunder Creek

Safely transporting fluids from point A to point B presents a number of challenges that require innovative and reliable solutions. Whether you’re moving diesel, oil, grease, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), gas, or another fluid that requires specialized transportation, Thunder Creek manufactures industry-leading trailers that can help. Contact RPM Machinery today to learn more about products from Thunder Creek or to request a product demonstration.

  • Fuel Solutions

    Fuel solutions from Thunder Creek are designed to provide customers with safe and efficient ways to store, transport, and dispense fuel. The fuel trailers from Thunder Creek are built with a fully-baffled tank design to ensure stable and secure transport. Contact RPM Machinery for fuel transportation trailers from Thunder Creek.

    FST Series Fuel Trailers

    Available in 500, 750, and 990-gallon models, Thunder Creek’s FST series trailers feature electric brakes, a 7.5″ interlocking frame, and a tank built with 7 gauge steel. They’re manufactured with a modular design that allows the machine to be integrated with a DEF system, should you need it down the line.

    Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers

    Thunder Creek’s multi-tank fuel trailers have multiple 115-gallon tanks that are individually connected to a commercial-grade pumping system. This trailer allows you to legally transport bulk diesel without needing a HAZMAT endorsement. A 100-gallon DEF Delivery System can also be installed in the front enclosure to provide safe and secure DEF transportation and delivery.

    Multi-Tank Truck Upfit

    A multi-tank truck upfit is a medium-duty truck body that presents an ideal solution for tight areas and job sites. Featuring eight independent 115-gallon tanks that will only ever be connected when a common manifold is opened at the pumping station, Thunder Creek’s multi-tank truck upfit eliminates the need to carry a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement.

    Economy Fuel Trailers

    Economy trailers from Thunder Creek provide reliable fuel transportation at a lower overall price point. The trailer features fender lights, reflective tape, and brakes to comply with DOT standards and regulations. EV trailers are available in 500, 750, and 990-gallon models.

    Double Wall Trailers

    Thunder Creek’s double wall trailers are the standard when it comes to transporting and delivering diesel. The 990-gallon trailer ensures complete compliance for transporting and storing bulk diesel on site. The rugged trailer can withstand the harshest conditions and can be equipped with a workbench, grease system, and other tools and machinery to meet all your needs.

  • Fuel & Lube Solutions

    Fuel and lube trailers from Thunder Creek combine fuel storage with multiple oil products, grease, and hydraulic fluid dispensing capabilities. The trailers come in various sizes and configurations to help customers find and utilize the right solution for their specific needs. Contact RPM Machinery for fuel and lube solutions from Thunder Creek, including:

    Multi-Tank Oil Trailers

    Thunder Creek’s multi-tank oil trailers allow you to safely transport fluids in bulk. One of the most efficient and secure trailer solutions in the industry, multi-tank oil trailers feature multiple 115-gallon tanks that are isolated through a manifold. These trailers present a more cost-effective fluid transportation solution than typical fuel and lube trucks.

    Service & Lube Trailers

    The line of service and lube trailers from Thunder Creek ensures that you have access to the fluids and tools you need in order to maintain your machinery. Each machine can include up to 10 fluid systems, helping you get the most out of your trailer. Your service and lube trailer can even be customized to be towed by anyone with a CDL, meaning that you won’t need to struggle to find a drive with a HAZMAT endorsement.

    Service & Lube Upfit

    Service and lube uplifts provide many of the same benefits as their trailer counterparts but in a more compact package. This makes them the ideal choice for urban environments that typically offer tighter and more narrow areas. With a service and lube upfit from Thunder Creek, you can safely and easily haul up to 690 total gallons of fluids.

  • DEF Solutions

    With a comprehensive line of DEF solutions to help customers maintain proper fluid levels for their diesel-powered equipment, Thunder Creek offers solutions to your DEF transportation needs. DEF products from Thunder Creek are designed to ensure contamination-free storage and dispensing. Contact RPM Machinery for the following DEF trailers from Thunder Creek:

    Bulk DEF Trailers

    Bulk DEF trailers from Thunder Creek are built with durability in mind. These rugged solutions are the complete package for your DEF handling needs. With exceptional performance on even the toughest terrain, they feature 990 gallons of fluid storage and a 2-in-1 DEF Pumping System that maintains ISO compliance to keep fluids pure and uncontaminated.

    DEF Saddle Tank

    A DEF saddle tank from Thunder Creek can mount to a truck frame to provide safe and efficient DEF handling. Built with a 60-gallon stainless steel tank, a DEF saddle tank includes a weather-proof exterior and a lockable door to keep your fluids safe from the elements. Maintain ISO compliance with a DEF saddle tank from Thunder Creek.

  • Industry-Leading Products From Thunder Creek 

    Trailers from Thunder Creek offer unparalleled performance, no matter the speeds or road conditions. Their solutions are rugged and built with innovation in mind, allowing you to maximize your productivity, while not compromising when it comes to quality. Get the job done faster and safely deliver fluids to any destination with Thunder Creek’s line of fuel, lube, and DEF solutions.

  • Contact RPM Machinery for Thunder Creek Trailers  

    For innovative and reliable fuel, lube, and DEF solutions, look no further than products from Thunder Creek, available from RPM Machinery. With Thunder Creek’s state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading designs, you can count on their products to help you safely transport fluids from one location to another. Contact RPM Machinery today to learn more about Thunder Creek products or request an equipment demonstration.

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