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CASE Compact Track Loader Repair and Service

Construction professionals across Indiana and beyond count on CASE compact track loaders to deliver robust performance across various job sites. From track replacements and hydraulic system repairs to engine maintenance and safety inspections, RPM Machinery provides top-notch service to keep your CASE construction equipment running all year long and protected against premature wear.

RPM Machinery services customers in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, and Franklin, IN.

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  • Maintenance for CASE Compact Track Loaders

    Not only does maintenance prevent possibly expensive repairs, but it also keeps your equipment running smoothly and at peak performance levels, helping you avoid the effects of excessive wear on the wrong components. RPM Machinery proudly provides a variety of CASE compact track loader maintenance and repair services including:

    • Engine Maintenance: Regular servicing and engine oil changes are essential for optimal performance and longevity, addressing possible issues like overheating or reduced power output.
    • Drive System Maintenance: Regular checks and repairs of drive motors and gears can prevent breakdowns and maintain smooth movement on various terrains. We perform a full inspection of undercarriage components – including sprocket rollers, tracks, track tension, and idlers – looking for signs of wear, damage, or loose parts, as well as the buildup of debris, mud, or rocks.
    • Cooling System Service: Addressing leaks or component issues in the cooling system prevents engine overheating, ensuring continuous operation.
    • Fuel System Maintenance: Regular cleaning or repair of fuel lines, filters, and injectors prevents fuel-related issues and maximizes engine performance.
    • Safety Inspections: Regular safety checks ensure compliance with standards and identify potential issues early on, preventing accidents or failures during operation and reducing operating cost.

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  • CASE Compact Track Loader Repair

    While highly durable, CASE compact track loaders can develop issues over time like all other machinery. When problems occur, count on RPM Machinery for fast and effective solutions. Our repair services for CASE compact track loaders include:

    • Track Replacement: Compact track loaders may require track replacements due to wear and tear from heavy-duty usage, ensuring optimal traction and maneuverability.
    • Hydraulic System Repairs: Addressing leaks or malfunctions in the hydraulic system ensures smooth operation of the loader’s lift and tilt functions. Repairs can often involve hose replacements or cylinder maintenance.
    • Electrical System Repairs: Fixing wiring faults or component failures ensures proper functionality of lights, controls, and safety features, which are all crucial for safe and efficient operation.
    • Loader Arm Repairs: When damaged, welding or replacing loader arms can prevent safety hazards and maintain the loader’s structural integrity during heavy lifting activities.
    • Bucket and Attachment Repairs: Repairing or replacing damaged attachments and buckets or forks ensures proper functionality and safety during various tasks.
    • Brake System Repairs: Providing your brakes, pads, or calipers will repair or maintenance ensures safe and efficient stopping power during operation.

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  • RPM Machinery Can Help You Increase Equipment Uptime

    Your day-to-day operations are only as successful as your equipment allows. If any issues occur that cause your compact track loader to break down, your company can suffer from lost revenue, time, and jobs.

    RPM Machinery’s CASE compact track loader repair and maintenance services keep your equipment in the field, helping you get the job done on time and greatly reducing costly downtime. We even offer on-site services to provide our customers with the best experience possible.

    Give RPM Machinery a call today to schedule an appointment for service.

  • Schedule CASE Compact Track Loader Service With RPM Machinery

    As a CASE-authorized dealer, you can count on RPM Machinery to deliver reliable and accurate compact track loader services. From repairs to maintenance, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality services you can trust. 

    Schedule CASE compact track loader repair and maintenance services in Indiana with RPM Machinery today.