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Increase Uptime With Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Unplanned equipment downtime is a costly burden for any business. The costs of lost production during a repair can add up quickly. Increasingly replacing equipment can be difficult and expensive. This means that proper professional maintenance is more important than ever to increase uptime and protect your heavy equipment. By providing your heavy equipment with regular maintenance on set intervals, you can avoid high cost and unexpected breakdowns.

For heavy equipment maintenance throughout Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Franklin, and Lafayette, IN, get in contact with RPM Machinery.

  • Benefits of Heavy Equipment Maintenance

    From construction to agriculture and everything in between, heavy equipment is crucial to operation across a wide variety of industries. Working with a highly skilled service partner, regular maintenance helps to keep your equipment running optimally so operations are not disrupted. The key benefits of partnering with professional service experts in heavy equipment maintenance include:

    • Increased equipment uptime and reduced downtime
    • Maintained compliance with federal and local regulations
    • Reduced repair costs and lost operations
    • Improved safety for personnel and equipment
    • Longer equipment service life
    • Reduced emissions and better fuel economy
  • Current Wait Times for New and Rental Equipment

    Now more than ever, it’s crucial to keep your current heavy equipment fleet up and running with regular maintenance. Due to industry-wide supply chain issues, it’s nearly impossible to purchase new heavy equipment, or even find rental options. Currently, there’s roughly an 18-month waiting period for new purchases and rental equipment.

    This means that if your equipment breaks down for an extended period, you won’t be able to just rent a similar machine. Instead, you might be left without the productivity provided by the equipment until repairs can be made.

    By investing in regular maintenance, companies can keep their equipment running efficiently for as long as possible. Contact RPM Machinery today to learn more about our routine maintenance services available to companies across Indiana.

  • RPM Machinery’s Industry-Leading Response Times

    While the industry average wait time for repairs and maintenance is 2+ weeks, RPM Machinery can typically be on-site within 48 hours. We know that equipment downtime costs you money with every passing hour, which is why we’ve designed a customer focused solution with response times that are second to none when you enroll in a maintenance plan with RPM.

    In addition to our quick response times, RPM Machinery continuously executes quality repairs and preventive maintenance. Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience working with equipment from the top brands in the industry, and they receive ongoing training to stay up to date with the latest products and technology directly from manufacturers.

  • Learn More By Reading RPM Machinery’s White Paper

    Prolonged heavy equipment downtime can be disastrous. Besides the costs associated with repairs and replacements, downtime can lead to missed deadlines and lost business opportunities.  

    RPM Machinery commissioned a white paper to thoroughly research the current state of heavy equipment and build stronger solutions to protect heavy equipment owners and operators from lost operating. Download RPM How to Increase Heavy Equipment Uptime  to learn more about how to increase heavy equipment uptime.

  • Contact RPM Machinery for Heavy Equipment Maintenance Services

    With a talented and knowledgeable team of uptime experts and technicians on your side, RPM Machinery has helped countless companies increase their equipment uptime and get the job done on time. We are positioned to help businesses across Indiana with locations in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Franklin, and Lafayette. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

Increase Uptime With Heavy Equipment Maintenance