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New CASE B-Series Skid & Compact Track Loaders

New CASE B Series Skid Steer & Compact Track Loaders

Dominate your job site with the unmatched versatility and power of CASE B Series skid steer and compact track loaders from RPM Machinery. Whether you’re navigating tight urban spaces or tackling demanding landscapes, these machines deliver the muscle you need to get the job done.

When you purchase your CASE construction equipment from RPM, you get more than a supportive sale. We provide comprehensive service packages, readily available parts, and expert technicians to ensure your B Series operates at peak performance.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Choose CASE B Series skid steers or compact track loaders (CTLs) with industry-leading power and versatility and advanced features such as a low-sloping rear hood.

  • Skid Steer Versus Compact Track Loaders

    Deciding between a skid steer and a compact track loader can be crucial for the success of your project. While both machines share similarities, their key differences in performance make them suited for different applications.

    Skid steers are ideal for flat, firm surfaces like pavement and concrete, and struggle on uneven, soft, or slippery ground due to lower traction from its wheels. They are generally lighter and less powerful than CTLs, making them suitable for smaller projects. However, a higher center of gravity necessitates caution when lifting or working on slopes.

    Skid steers are also highly maneuverable with a tight turning radius, making them perfect for navigating tight spaces. They have faster travel speeds than CTLs on smooth surfaces, as well as lower upfront and maintenance costs. One downside is that skid steer tires wear faster and require regular replacement.

    Compact track loaders excel on uneven, soft, or slippery terrain like mud, snow, sand, and slopes thanks to their track-based design that provides superior traction and flotation. They also have higher lifting capacity and pushing power due to better traction and weight distribution.

    CTLs have a lower center of gravity that translates to improved stability on uneven terrain and slopes, ideal for handling heavier loads or working on inclines.Your initial and ongoing maintenance costs will be higher than with a skid steer. The trade-off is that tracks last longer than tires but require periodic tensioning and eventual replacement.

    The ideal choice of machinery depends on your specific needs. If you’re unsure, consulting with an experienced construction equipment dealer like RPM Machinery can help you make an informed decision.

  • Productivity-Enhancing Horsepower

    CASE B Series skid and track loaders are built for brawn, boasting a range of 74- to 114-horsepower engines that tackle your toughest tasks with ease. Whether you’re lifting massive materials, powering demanding attachments, or pushing through challenging terrain, these powerhouses deliver.

    Alongside the impressive horsepower figures, these loaders boast high torque, which gives them the muscle to power through demanding tasks, handle heavy loads, and climb inclines with ease. Efficient Tier 4 Final engines deliver reliable power while meeting strict emission standards. They also require no lifetime maintenance or filter replacements, reducing downtime and keeping operating costs in check.

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  • Operational Excellence with Intuitive Interfaces

    Ditch the learning curve and embrace operator comfort with CASE B Series skid steers and B Series compact track loaders. These machines boast interfaces so intuitive, your team will be able to work harder for longer without discomfort.

    Gone are the days of clunky levers; effective but simple electro-hydraulic controls offer smooth, responsive operation, minimizing fatigue and maximizing precision. The 8-inch LCD display is your command center, letting you personalize joystick sensitivity, response times, and more to perfectly meet your needs. It also keeps you informed with essential machine data, all in a clear, easy-to-analyze format.

    New operators can quickly become familiar with the controls and functions, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. All models feature redesigned left and right-hand posts with a focus on simplicity. Push-button operation replaces traditional keys for effortless startup. An easily accessible throttle knob allows for precise speed adjustments. And dedicated switches for core machine functions are clearly labeled and logically positioned, minimizing confusion.

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  • Versatile Attachments for Diverse Applications

    The beauty of CASE B Series skid and track loaders lies in their extensive attachment selection, making them versatile tools for numerous tasks and industries. Swap on a grapple and become a master of debris removal or perform a quick switch to a snowblower for tough winter jobs. Addtional options include:

    • Buckets: The most versatile attachment, available in various sizes and configurations for digging, loading, grading, and more.
    • Pallet forks: Ideal for material handling tasks like transporting palletized materials, moving debris, and feeding other equipment.
    • Grapples: For grabbing, carrying, and manipulating various materials like logs, brush, rocks, and debris.
    • Augers: Efficient drilling for fence posts, planting trees, and installing utilities.
    • Dozer blades: Perfect for pushing, leveling, and grading material on job sites.
    • Snow attachments: Snow plows, blowers, and blades for efficient wintertime operations.

    Most attachments work seamlessly with both skid steers and track loaders, maximizing machine versatility and reducing investment costs. Many have handy, time-saving features like self-cleaning designs, adjustable settings, and high-output hydraulics for optimized performance.

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  • Comfortable Environment for Professional Operators

    CASE B-Series skid and track loaders prioritize operator comfort with a range of features designed to reduce fatigue and enhance focus throughout long workdays. These compact machines still manage to provide a specious cab with adjustable seat settings and ergonomic designs. Just a few of the features include:

    • Industry-leading cab size: Ample headroom, legroom, and shoulder space provide ample movement and reduce claustrophobic feelings.
    • Adjustable suspension seat: Operators can personalize the seat position for optimal comfort and support.
    • Climate control: Maintains a desired temperature in all weather conditions, preventing discomfort from extreme heat or cold.
    • Low noise levels: Insulated cabs and strategically placed engine components minimize noise intrusion, reducing fatigue and improving communication.
    • Comfortable armrests and footrests: Provide additional support and reduce muscle strain during operation.

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  • Count on RPM for CASE B Series Skid Steer & Compact Track Loaders

    Transform your job site with the unmatched versatility and power of CASE B Series skid steer and tractor loaders from RPM Machinery. As your authorized CASE Construction Equipment dealer, we offer more than just machines – we provide a complete solution to maximize your fleet’s success.

    Experience the difference with our extensive inventory, featuring the perfect B Series model for any application. From tight spaces to uneven terrain, our knowledgeable team will guide you to the ideal match for your needs. Contact us today to explore your options.