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New CASE Compactors

Tough jobs demand tough equipment. That’s why RPM Machinery proudly partners with CASE Construction Equipment, a leader in heavy-duty machinery built for performance and precision. When it comes to compacting soil or asphalt, CASE compactors deliver the muscle you need to achieve superior density and a lasting, professional finish.

Whether you’re tackling expansive highways, intricate landscaping projects, or anything in between, RPM Machinery has the perfect CASE compactor for your needs. Choose from a robust lineup of asphalt and soil compactors, each boasting industry-leading climbing power, high centrifugal forces, and operator-friendly features that maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

  • Unmatched Compaction Performance

    When it comes to conquering tough compaction jobs, CASE sets the standard. CASE compaction equipment effortlessly navigates steep inclines and uneven terrain, expanding your operational reach and boosting efficiency. In both single-drum and double-drum models, powerful centrifugal forces deliver optimal density in fewer passes, translating to significant time and fuel savings. 

    To ensure the perfect fit for every project, CASE offers a diverse range of drum sizes and weights. From nimble lightweight models for maneuvering tight spaces to heavy-duty workhorses for large-scale projects, RPM Machinery can connect you with the CASE compactor that tackles your unique challenges with unmatched precision and power.

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  • Operator Comfort and Control

    CASE prioritizes operator experience, putting your comfort and control at the forefront. Enjoy exceptional 360-degree visibility, keeping both the drum and surrounding area in clear view for greater visibility, enhanced safety, and precision during operation. Intuitive controls minimize fatigue and maximize control, leading to smoother operation and superior results. 

    For ultimate comfort in all weather conditions, select models offer enclosed cabins equipped with air conditioning and heating, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without environmental distractions. 

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  • Durability and Reliability

    Constructed with top-tier materials and components, CASE compaction equipment stands firm against the toughest jobs, day after day. But even the most robust machines require occasional care. That’s where CASE’s commitment to simplified maintenance shines. Intuitive design and accessible parts allow for quick servicing, minimizing downtime and keeping your operations flowing smoothly. 

    And no matter where your projects take you, you’re never far from expert assistance thanks to CASE’s extensive dealer network. With readily available parts and skilled service professionals at your fingertips – like those you’ll find at RPM Machinery – you can rest assured knowing your CASE compactor is always in peak condition, ready to tackle any challenge.

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  • Versatility, Efficiency, and Safety Refined

    While CASE compactors excel in raw engine power, their capabilities extend far beyond brute force. They offer impressive versatility, tackling diverse applications from soil compaction in foundations and trenches to asphalt paving and repair with unwavering reliability. For the environmentally conscious, select models boast eco-conscious, fuel-efficient technologies that optimize fuel consumption, reducing operating costs and minimizing your environmental footprint. 

    And because safety is paramount, many CASE compactors come equipped with advanced features like rollover protection structures and alarms, prioritizing your operators’ well-being throughout every project. With CASE, you get both muscle and a well-rounded package of adaptability, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to safety.

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  • Count on RPM Machinery for CASE Compactors

    At RPM Machinery, we’re dedicated to exceeding expectations, so let our expert team guide you toward the ideal equipment solution for your specific project. Whether you need a compact walk-behind model for patching or a heavy-duty tandem roller for large-scale projects, we’ll connect you with the CASE compactor that’s your perfect match.

    With locations in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Franklin, IN, RPM Machinery is always nearby to meet your needs. As an authorized dealer, we deliver the power, precision, and partnership you’ve come to expect from CASE. From sales to service and beyond, you can rely on our unmatched performance, knowledgeable guidance, and unwavering support.

    Contact us today to experience the CASE and RPM Machinery difference.