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New CASE Crawler Dozer

New CASE Crawler Dozer

When it comes to conquering earthmoving challenges, nothing beats the raw power and precision of a CASE crawler dozer. Here at RPM Machinery, we’re proud to be your premier dealer for these industry-leading machines, built to dominate any job, from land clearing and road construction to heavy-duty mining and pipeline projects.

Contact us today to find the CASE crawler dozer you need at our Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lafayette, or Franklin, IN, locations.

  • Unmatched Power and Performance

    CASE crawler dozers are engineered to dominate even the most demanding tasks. Under the hood, robust engines churn out 143 to 348 horsepower, ensuring you have the muscle to power through any project.

    These engines are paired with hydrostatic transmissions, delivering smooth and efficient operation, while independent track control grants you unmatched maneuverability in tight spaces. No matter the terrain or obstacle, you’ll navigate with precision and ease.

    An advanced load management system constantly monitors blade load, automatically adjusting track speed and torque for optimal power and efficiency. This not only maximizes your fuel economy but also protects the machine from strain, ensuring years of reliable performance.

  • Precision Control and Versatility

    CASE crawler dozers put you in charge of your job with intuitive controls and adaptable blades. Step into a spacious, comfortable cab, where strategically positioned windows and a low-profile hood grant you exceptional visibility. Every inch of the terrain and blade is in sight, empowering confident maneuvering and pinpoint accuracy.

    No matter your experience level, user-friendly blade controls put the power of precision grading at your fingertips. Effortless adjustments let you achieve the perfect angle and depth, from rough cuts to delicate finishing work. Even new operators can master these controls, ensuring every task is completed to exacting standards.

    Additionally, CASE offers a diverse range of blade options for crawler dozers to perfectly match your project’s needs. Choose angle blades for efficient pushing and spreading, tilt blades for meticulous leveling and finishing touches, or rippers for breaking through tough terrain. With the right blade at your disposal, no challenge is too daunting.

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  • Operator Comfort and Safety

    CASE crawler dozers prioritize your comfort and safety, transforming the workday into a smooth and stress-free experience. Step into an isolation-mounted cab, where noise and vibration are minimized, enabling you to focus solely on the task at hand. Whether battling scorching summer heat or a chilly winter bite, powerful air conditioning and heating systems maintain optimal temperatures within the cab, ensuring your well-being regardless of the weather.

    Ergonomically designed controls fall naturally to your hands, reducing fatigue and minimizing the risk of strain. Every button, lever, and joystick is positioned intuitively, maximizing efficiency and promoting safe operation. Climb into a CASE crawler dozer, and you’ll experience the difference a focus on operator well-being can make, allowing you to work all day, every day, with confidence and ease.

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  • Durability and Serviceability

    Heavy-duty construction, utilizing robust components and materials, ensures these machines withstand years of even the most demanding work. Rely on their strength and resilience to power through day after day of heavy earthmoving on just about any jobsite, knowing they’ll keep their edge.

    Strategically placed service points offer convenient access to key components, simplifying inspections and routine maintenance. This translates to less downtime and more time pushing productive dirt.

    For additional peace of mind, rely on RPM Machinery for any maintenance or service you might need. As a member of the extensive CASE dealer network, we conveniently deliver the support you need. Whatever the issue, a qualified technician is just a call away, ensuring your CASE crawler dozer gets back to work quickly and efficiently.

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Explore Our CASE Crawler Dozer Models

  • 650M

    The CASE 650M offers weight and stability along with compact power for your earthmoving needs so you can confidently tackle tasks on slopes and uneven terrain. Its 143-horsepower engine delivers muscle where you need it, while independent track control keeps you nimble even in tight corners. The spacious cab and user-friendly controls also make mastering this versatile beast a breeze.

  • 750M

    The CASE 750M offers smooth maneuverability for smaller sites paired with the horsepower to tackle heavier jobs, like site prep and utility work. Its 195 horses churn through demanding tasks, while independent track control lets you navigate tight corners with ease. This machine rounds out with a spacious cab that delivers the responsive precision of user-friendly controls and outstanding visibility.

  • 850M

    The CASE 850M is a mid-range champion, ready to flex its muscles on projects needing a bit more oomph. Whether you’re tackling land development, heavy utilities, or even light road construction, this 234-horsepower machine takes on bigger tasks with the same nimble grace as smaller models. Independent track control gets you through tight spots with ease, while the spacious cab and intuitive controls ensure precision even in the thick of the action.

  • 1150M

    When you’re working on land clearing, road building, pipeline projects, and the like, you need the serious muscle of the CASE 1150M. Its 324 horses of raw power tear through terrain, while independent track control keeps you maneuvering with precision even in the toughest corners. Its spacious cab lets you command the action with ultimate comfort and visibility, thanks to user-friendly controls that translate power into pinpoint accuracy.

  • 1650M

    The CASE 1650M is a perfect match for massive land clearings, mountain-taming quarries, and infrastructure projects of immense proportions. This 431-horsepower easily moves large amounts of earth with agile grace thanks to independent track control. And control it all from the spacious cab, offering user-friendly controls that translate the 1650’s raw might into pinpoint precision.

  • 2050M

    The CASE 2050M’s 550-horsepower is just what you need to tear through the toughest terrain, from massive land clearings to mountain-sized mines. This whole other class of crawler dozer delivers unmatched strength that only gets better with independent track control, which enables you to execute precise maneuvers even in the tightest corners. With a spacious cab and user-friendly interface, you’re in comfortable control of the 2050M all day, every day.

Count on RPM Machinery for CASE Crawler Dozers

When you choose RPM Machinery, you’re not just purchasing a machine; you’re gaining a reliable partner committed to your success in earthmoving projects. With locations conveniently located in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lafayette, or Franklin, we are your local resource for quality, reliability, and service.

Our commitment extends beyond providing machinery; we offer unparalleled expertise and experience with industry-leading CASE machines, ensuring you make the right choice for your construction business’ needs. Contact us today and experience the expertise, selection, and exceptional service that sets RPM Machinery apart.