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Thunder Creek Equipment in Franklin, IN

Efficient and reliable fuel and fluid management keeps equipment in businesses running steadily. Thunder Creek Equipment manufactures a range of innovative trailer solutions for transporting fuels and fluids safely to job sites. This reduces downtime and increases and the efficiency of off-site maintenance.

Companies in the Franklin, IN area can turn to RPM Machinery for equipment, parts, and service of Thunder Creek Equipment. Our team is proud to be your trusted source for the complete product line of Thunder Creek equipment.

  • Fuel & Lube Solutions in Franklin

    The ability to transport fuel, oil, and other lubricants to your jobsite can transform maintenance. In Franklin, Indiana and across the state, RPM Machinery has partnered with top manufacturers of construction, turf, and industrial equipment. Readily available fluids at the right time and place keeps your operations running smoothly. Thunder Creek offers Fuel & Lube Solutions to meet these needs.

    Multi-Tank Oil Trailers

    Specifically designed for the transportation and storage of oil and lubricants, Thunder Creek’s Multi-Tank Oil Trailers feature multiple compartments with separate pumping and metering systems. These trailers ensure safe and clean oil handling without the need for HAZMAT endorsements.

    Lube Trailers

    Across central Indiana, businesses cannot shutdown for maintenance and repairs. Thunder Creek’s Service & Lube Trailers act as mobile workshops for on-site service and maintenance operations. Equipped with integrated storage compartments for lubricants, greases, fluids, and tools, you’ll always have access to the fuel and lubricants you need to complete your latest project.

    Lube Upfit

    Service & Lube Upfits converts your truck into a fully equipped mobile service and maintenance vehicle. The Upfit can be customized to include additional storage compartments, dispensing systems, and auxiliary equipment to meet your specific service needs. When your job occurs away from Franklin, your maintenance schedule is at peril. With a Service & Lube Upfit, Thunder Creek has you covered.

  • Fuel Solutions in Franklin

    Thunder Creek offers a diverse range of fuel transportation solutions to meet your specific needs. Fuel trailers brings fuel to your jobsite safely. Thunder Creek product lineup includes:

    FST Series Fuel Trailers

    Built with heavy-duty steel construction and featuring fully baffled DOT-compliant fuel tanks, the FST Series is a great choice for businesses in various industries. These trailers have powerful fuel pumps and meters to make it easy to dispense and measure fuel. With customizable options and capacities ranging from 500 to 990 gallons, the FST Series caters to various fuel transportation requirements.

    Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers

    As the name suggests, Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers from Thunder Creek feature several fuel tanks that allow for the transportation of multiple fuel types in a single trip. The multiple compartments feature individual pumping and metering systems, allowing you to dispense different fuel types without the need for separate trips or additional equipment. These trailers ensure safe and efficient transportation without the need for HAZMAT endorsements.

    Multi-Tank Truck Upfit

    With the Multi-Tank Truck Upfit from Thunder Creek, you can transform your existing truck into a mobile fueling station or fluid delivery vehicle. This upfit solution enables you to transport up to 920 gallons of fuel or fluids, providing versatility and convenience. Without the need for a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement, you can safely and efficiently move fuel and fluids with ease.

    Economy Fuel Trailers

    Thunder Creek’s Economy Fuel Trailers are a great value, coming in at a lower overall price point, while not sacrificing on quality. To ensure they comply with DOT regulations, Economy Fuel Trailers come equipped with essential features such as brakes, fender lights, and reflective tape.

    Double Wall Trailers

    Double Wall Trailers from Thunder Creek effectively act as a shop with wheels. Featuring a grease system, work bench, tool boxes, and service tools, these trailers have everything you need to get the job done. The double-wall capability allows for 110% containment, and the system’s 990-gallon tank features an integrated pumping system.

  • DEF Solutions in Franklin

    Transporting Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in bulk requires specialized, innovative, and efficient equipment. Thunder Creek offers solutions tailored to your DEF handling requirements, including:

    Bulk DEF Trailers

    Handling DEF in large quantities makes for a difficult and challenging task, but one made easier with Bulk DEF Trailers from Thunder Creek. Designed to make handling DEF more manageable and efficient, these trailers feature dedicated pumping and dispensing systems, compatibility with DEF materials, and filtration systems to maintain DEF purity levels.

    DEF Saddle Tank

    The DEF Saddle Tank is a compact solution to the industry’s DEF handling challenges. The equipment can seamlessly mount to your existing truck, eliminating the need for other vehicles or systems. It provides easy access to DEF to allow for convenient tank refilling in vehicles or machinery, ensuring compliance with emissions regulations.

  • Contact RPM Machinery for Equipment from Thunder Creek in Franklin, IN

    RPM Machinery is proud to work with Thunder Creek. Recognized as one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers in the industry, Thunder Creek and RPM Machinery are a perfect pair. For fuel, lubricant, and DEF transportation systems in Franklin, IN, turn to RPM Machinery for equipment from Thunder Creek.

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