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Rayco Equipment in Indianapolis, IN

Rayco Equipment in Indianapolis, IN

Rayco is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial equipment and products for the tree and landscape industries, including crawler trucks, stump cutters, forestry mulchers, and many more. Rayco consistently produces world-class manufacturing equipment that can help you manage your industrial tasks much faster and more conveniently.

Products and equipment from Rayco can help companies within all industries, including tree cutting and landscaping. No matter what your equipment needs might look like, reach out to the team at RPM Machinery for Rayco equipment in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Types of Equipment From Rayco

Rayco manufactures versatile environmental equipment that can be utilized throughout various industries. Contact RPM Machinery for the following equipment from Rayco:

  • Stump Cutters

    This equipment removes large stumps easily and takes minimal time to complete the job. Rayco manufactures different models of stump cutters, each with a different horsepower engine. The RG165T-R Stump Cutter from Rayco delivers excellent cutting power and can maneuver in tight areas with retractable tracks. The top features of the RG55T-R stump cutter include a hydraulic backfill blade, a gasoline Kubota engine and non-marking rubber tracks. The RG80-R Stump Cutter uses a hydrostatic cutter wheel drive and a powerful 85horsepower to remove backyard stumps easily. Compact stump cutter and Super Jr Stump cutter models are also available. No matter your stump cutting needs, Rayco offers durable and reliable stump cutter equipment that can help get the job done.

  • Wheel Loaders

    Rayco provides several types of wheel loaders that offer both versatility and power. These types of machines are commonly used for loading other equipment. With different wheel loaders depending on your job, this equipment makes work done efficiently and in the shortest time possible. Rayco manufactures articulated wheel loaders like the 1800AWL Articulated Wheel Loader, which comes with a mid-skid steer, telescoping boom, and articulated design.

  • Forestry Mulchers

    Forestry mulchers cut and chop vegetation into particles usually left on-site as mulch. With Rayco’s T415 Forestry Mulcher, clients can switch between a Hydra-Stumper and a forestry mulcher for greater versatility. This forestry machine comes with a 200-horsepower engine that makes mulching easier and can be done in no time. Rayco also provides the mid-sized C275 Forestry Mulcher with 275 horsepower, well suited to clear unwanted trees and vegetation.

  • Aerial Trimmers

    This equipment is intended to help maintain proper clearance along the transmission row. With Rayco’s AT75 Aerial Trimmer, the machines provide a lengthy saw that can remove branches growing around high and medium-voltage lines, pipelines, and streets. Rayco’s model, AT75, features a tight turning radius and shorter carrier length. These trimmers make it easier to access difficult-to-reach areas and terrain.

  • Crawler Trucks

    Crawler trucks are intended to provide power and extreme stability, which is crucial to heavy-duty assignments. With the ability to carry 15000 pounds, Rayco’s crawler truck, model RCT150 Crawler Truck, comes with a 275 horsepower CAT Tier 4 engine that provides more horsepower than other machines in its class. This makes the machine ideal for its intended purpose, like timber haulage.

RPM’s “Right Fit” Process

RPM Machinery is dedicated to ensuring their client’s machines fit their needs. RPM Machinery has outlined a six-step “Right Fit” process for equipment sales based on these features.

  1. Pre-Bid
  2. Blueprint Review
  3. Planning and Estimating
  4. Mobilization
  5. Groundbreaking
  6. Ribbon Cutting

This six-step process gives you an excellent chance to decide which piece of equipment is best for your business needs. Reviewing the process gives you a clear understanding of the selected equipment, as well as its function and pricing. To learn more about RPM’s “Right Fit” process, feel free to visit us here.

Indianapolis Rayco Dealer

Rayco is known for manufacturing high-quality products and equipment. However, finding the right dealer might be a challenge, especially for businesses around Central Indiana. The team at RPM Machinery is proud to be a local Rayco dealer that serves the Central Indiana area.

Why Should You Work With RPM Machinery if You Need Rayco Equipment?

RPM Machinery is an equipment industry expert with years of experience dealing with different types of equipment. We have excellent knowledge of how equipment from Rayco functions. With our experience, we can easily discuss and understand your business needs to determine the right solution for your job requirements at a desirable cost.

We’re proud to provide our customers with equipment from only the best manufacturers, and Rayco is certainly no exception. We’re proud to provide our customers with access to high-quality equipment that they can trust to get the job done more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Don’t hesitate to reach out to RPM Machinery in Indianapolis, Indiana to learn more about how equipment from Rayco can benefit your company.

Contact RPM Machinery for Rayco Equipment in Indianapolis

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