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The “Right Fit” Process

At RPM, we want to make sure your machine fits your needs exactly. That’s why we have a six step Right Fit process for all equipment sales.

1. Pre-Bid—In this introductory step, we evaluate your current needs and goals and assess a potential relationship, confirming that RPM can have a positive impact on your growth. This first step is where we determine the right fit.
2. Blueprint Review—We then review your current fleet and/or supplier, as well as your future goals, to pinpoint productivity and profit opportunities, confirming that we can contribute to your success.
3. Planning and Estimating—We clarify how the product can be used, provide cost estimates, and estimate your resulting profits, to confirm that our machine is the right solution for your business.
4. Mobilizing—We want you to have hands on experience with the machine, so we offer a product demonstration and explain our Just in CASE Assurance Program, which includes a 12 month warranty on the full machine. We also finalize price and financing, guaranteeing that the machine is the right fit for your team.
5. Groundbreaking—The machine is delivered, and the payment is completed. Now it’s time to meet your support team, the people who will be there to help keep your machine running for years to come.
6. Ribbon Cutting—In the final step of our process, we explain ongoing support, train you or any of your crew members who may need to get acquainted with the machine, and discuss our management’s accessibility. We’re always there, whenever you need us.

How the “Right Fit” Process Works

  • 1. Pre-Bid
    • Assess potential Relationship
    • Can RPM have a positive impact?
    • Determine Right Fit
  • 2. Blueprint Review
    • Current fleet / suppliers
    • Productivity / Profit Opportunities?
    • Future goals?
    • Review Right Fit
  • 3. Planning & Estimating
    • Expectations
    • Product Clarification
    • Cost Estimates & Acquisition method
    • Confirm Right Fit
  • 4. Mobilization
    • Product Demostration
    • Just in CASE Assurance
    • Finalize price and financing
  • 5. Groundbreaking
    • Delivery & Product Review
    • Payment
    • Introduce support team
  • 6. Ribbon Cutting
    • Management Accessibility
    • Ongoing support
    • Training

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