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CASE Motor Grader Service

Your CASE motor grader delivers incredible responsiveness and smooth operation and is designed to handle the most demanding tasks on any job site. CASE motor graders feature all-wheel drive for improved steering and greater draft control in various conditions, ensuring they are equipped to perform in mud, sand, snow, and on banks. Like all high-performance machines, they require regular maintenance to maintain efficiency and extend operational lifespan.

At RPM Machinery, we provide top-tier service and repairs for CASE motor graders across Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, and Franklin, IN. Our expert team ensures that your equipment continues to perform at its best.

  • Maintenance for CASE Motor Graders

    Regular maintenance is essential to keep your CASE motor grader running and ensure it operates at peak efficiency. Here’s why consistent upkeep is necessary:

    • Prevents Breakdowns: Catching small issues early through regular checks can prevent them from escalating into major repairs. This proactive approach keeps your machine operational, minimizing downtime and boosting productivity.
    • Extends Lifespan: Routine maintenance reduces wear and tear, significantly extending the operational life of your motor grader. This longevity translates into cost savings by delaying the need for expensive replacements.
    • Ensures Safety: A well-maintained motor grader is a safer one. Regular maintenance checks ensure all critical systems are functional and reduce the risk of accidents on the job site.
    • Optimizes Performance: Keeping your motor grader in top condition, including its machine control ready systems, ensures it performs efficiently. Regular upkeep means better fuel efficiency, improved steering, and greater draft control, and the machine control-ready systems are functioning optimally for enhanced working capacity, cost-effectiveness, and higher-quality work.
    • Lower Costs: Although maintenance involves upfront costs, it’s generally more cost-effective than handling unexpected breakdowns. Regular servicing helps avoid costly repairs and lost productivity due to machine downtime.

    Maintenance is a valuable investment that yields long-term benefits. It ensures equipment operates smoothly, safely, and efficiently, which in turn saves money and keeps projects moving forward without delays.

  • Recommended Maintenance Schedule for CASE Motor Graders

    To keep your CASE motor graders operating smoothly, follow this general maintenance schedule:

    Daily Maintenance:

    • Visual Inspection: Conduct a thorough walk-around of the grader to check for any signs of leaks or damage.
    • Fluid Levels: Ensure that engine oil, coolant, and hydraulic fluids are at the correct levels and refill as necessary.
    • Control Checks: Test all operational controls including the brakes and steering to verify they are working correctly.

    Weekly Maintenance:

    • Hydraulic System: Inspect for any leaks and check the hydraulic fluid for signs of contamination.
    • Tires: Examine tire pressure and tread wear; adjust or replace tires as needed to maintain stability and traction.
    • Blade and Attachments: Assess the condition of the moldboard and other attachments for any wear or damage.

    Monthly Maintenance:

    • Air Filters: Replace both the engine and cabin air filters to ensure clean air flow.
    • Oil and Fluid Changes: Change the engine oil and other operational fluids according to CASE’s guidelines.
    • Comprehensive Inspection: Perform a detailed check for any loose bolts, worn parts, or other potential issues that might affect operation.

    Additional Maintenance Tips:

    • Cutting Edges: Regularly check and maintain the cutting edges on the moldboard for optimum performance.
    • Grease Points: Lubricate all necessary points on the grader as specified in the maintenance schedule to ensure smooth operation and reduced wear.
    • Operator’s Manual: Always refer to the operator’s manual for detailed maintenance instructions specific to your CASE motor grader model.

    By adhering to a regular maintenance schedule, you can maximize the productivity and lifespan of your CASE motor graders. Remember, these guidelines are general; always consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for specifics related to your equipment model.

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  • CASE Motor Grader Repair

    At RPM Machinery, we offer a comprehensive range of repair services for your CASE motor graders, covering everything from routine maintenance to intricate repairs. Our certified technicians are equipped to handle a variety of issues, including:

    • Engine Repair: We specialize in diagnosing and fixing engine problems that can affect your motor grader’s performance. Whether it’s a loss of power, overheating, or unusual noises, our team is ready to restore your machine’s power and efficiency.
    • Hydraulic System Repair: Our experts are adept at resolving hydraulic issues, including those involving pumps, valves, cylinders, and hoses. Repairing leaks or replacing worn components helps restore the incredible responsiveness and precision of your motor grader’s hydraulic system.
    • Electrical System Repair: RPM Machinery can swiftly diagnose and repair electrical issues, from faulty wiring and malfunctioning switches to battery problems. Addressing these issues is crucial for ensuring the safety and optimal performance of your equipment. Additionally, part of the electrical system’s function is to maintain a cab environment that minimizes noise for the operator, ensuring a quiet and comfortable ride that reduces fatigue and enhances productivity.
    • Brake Repair: We address all aspects of brake system maintenance, including worn brake pads and brake fluid leaks. Properly functioning brakes are essential for the safe operation of your motor grader on any job site.
    • On-Site Service: For added convenience, if you cannot bring your motor grader to our facility, we offer repair services at your location. Our on-site services minimize disruption to your operations, keeping your projects moving forward without unnecessary delays.

    RPM Machinery is your trusted partner for all your CASE motor grader service and repair needs. From regular upkeep to major repairs, our goal is to ensure your motor grader performs with class-leading efficiency and reliability.

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  • Why Choose RPM Machinery for CASE Motor Grader Service and Repair

    Choosing RPM Machinery for your CASE motor grader service and repair offers numerous advantages. Here’s why we stand out:

    • Factory-Trained Technicians: Our experts are thoroughly trained in CASE equipment, enhancing their ability to accurately diagnose and fix any issue swiftly, which in turn enhances the operator’s experience by ensuring the equipment’s features and functions are fully optimized for their use.
    • Focus on CASE Construction Equipment: As a CASE construction equipment dealer, we have a deeper understanding of CASE machinery compared to a general repair shop, ensuring your motor grader receives the best service.
    • Genuine CASE Parts: We use only genuine CASE parts in our repairs to maintain your motor grader’s performance, reliability, and warranty coverage.
    • Preventative Maintenance Programs: Our maintenance programs are designed to preemptively tackle potential issues so you can avoid major repairs and downtime.
    • Minimize Downtime: Our efficient repair services get your motor grader back in action quickly to keep your projects on schedule.
    • Additional Services: Beyond repairs, we offer parts sales, rentals, and financing options, making us a convenient one-stop shop for all your CASE equipment needs.

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  • Get On-Site Service for Your Motor Graders

    Minimizing downtime is essential if you want to keep your projects running efficiently and on budget. That’s why RPM Machinery offers specialized on-site service for your CASE motor graders, bringing our expertise directly to your job site. Here’s how our on-site service can benefit you:

    • Scheduled Maintenance: Our technicians perform essential maintenance tasks right at your job site, from oil changes to filter replacements, ensuring your motor grader operates with stability and precision.
    • Emergency Repairs: If your equipment breaks down, we quickly dispatch a technician to address the issue, helping you avoid prolonged downtime.
    • Complex Repairs: For more complex repairs, we bring all the necessary tools directly to you, reducing the hassle and expense of transporting your motor grader.

    RPM Machinery’s on-site service is designed to provide maximum convenience and efficiency, allowing you to maintain productivity and smooth operation without significant interruptions.

  • Schedule CASE Motor Grader Service with RPM

    Ready to ensure your CASE motor grader operates at its best? Contact RPM Machinery today to discuss your service needs. Our team is committed to providing exceptional maintenance and repair services that enhance the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of your equipment.

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