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Toro Tracked Compact Utility Loader

Discover a new level of efficiency and versatility with RPM Machinery’s Toro tracked compact utility loaders. These robust machines are equipped with the 4-Paw independent 4-wheel drive system, enhancing their maneuverability and performance. Whether you’re navigating tight construction sites, maneuvering through landscaping projects, or tackling various tasks in confined spaces, these robust machines are engineered to excel.

With RPM Machinery as your trusted dealer, you gain access to a comprehensive selection of Toro loaders designed to streamline your operations and elevate your performance. Discover our extensive inventory of Toro compact track loaders available at our locations in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Franklin, Indiana.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and discover how Toro loaders can revolutionize your compact utility tasks.

  • Why Choose Toro Dingo Tracked Compact Utility Loaders?


    Toro Dingo compact utility track loaders are excellent tools for a variety of tasks, especially useful in confined spaces and on sensitive surfaces. 

    Their adaptability and ability to handle multiple jobs with different attachments make them essential for anyone from contractors and landscapers to homeowners with a lot of land. Additionally, models equipped with four wheels excel in maneuvering on hard surfaces like concrete or pavement, enhancing their versatility for a wide range of projects.

    Exceptional Versatility

    One of the main benefits of Toro Dingo track loaders is their versatility. These machines can quickly switch from being a digging machine to a trencher, a concrete mixer, or even a snowblower with the right attachments. This versatility means you don’t need to invest in multiple pieces of equipment, saving you both space and money.

    Maneuverability in Tight Spaces

    The compact size of Toro Dingo track loaders allows them to maneuver through narrow paths, doorways, and gates that larger machines cannot. They are ideal for projects like sidewalk repairs, landscaping near buildings, or jobs in confined areas.

    Reduced Turf Damage

    Toro Dingo models, especially those with tracks, distribute their weight more evenly than larger equipment. The even weight distribution reduces their impact on delicate surfaces such as lawns, gravel paths, or soft ground, which is vital for keeping the landscape in good condition.

    Efficiency and Productivity

    The Toro Dingo is designed for quick and efficient work. It allows for fast changes between tasks and can get into tight spots that bigger machines can’t reach. These features save time and effort, making it a highly productive tool for various jobs.

    Ease of Use

    Toro Dingos feature user-friendly controls and a comfortable operating platform, making them easy to use for operators of all experience levels.

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  • Explore Our Toro Dingo Tracked Models

    Discover the diverse range of Toro Dingo tracked models, each engineered for optimal performance in various settings and applications.

    Dingo TX 320-D

    The Toro Dingo TX 320-D combines powerful performance with incredible maneuverability, making it a standout choice for tackling tough jobs in tight spaces. Its patented 4-Paw independent four-wheel drive system provides exceptional traction and mobility, enhancing its ability to navigate through challenging terrains.

    The Dingo TX 320-D mini skid steer features easy-to-reach fingertip controls, allowing operators to efficiently manage all machine functions, even with minimal training. The two-pump hydraulic system ensures the TX 320-D delivers the right balance of power to the attachments and wheels, optimizing both work efficiency and travel speed.

    Additionally, the TX 320-D boasts a notable load-handling capability with a tip capacity of 1,000 lbs. (454 kg) (35% of Tip Capacity), underscoring its robustness and reliability in various operational contexts.

    Dingo TX 323

    The Toro Dingo TX 323 is engineered for exceptional power and durability in a compact package, featuring the innovative 4-Paw® independent four-wheel drive system. This system enhances the loader’s traction and mobility, allowing it to operate effectively on varied terrains.

    Powered by a robust 23 hp Kohler engine, the TX 323 delivers 40.9 L/min of hydraulic power, ensuring high productivity on the jobsite. It’s compact design and easy-to-use fingertip controls make it highly maneuverable, ideal for navigating tight spaces where manual labor is the only other option.

    Dingo TX 427

    The Toro Dingo TX 427 is available in both wide and narrow track options, each designed to optimize performance and maneuverability in different settings. The narrow track version is particularly well-suited for working in confined areas. It is able to fit through standard 36″ gates and navigate tight spaces with ease, thanks to its compact footprint and zero-radius turn capability.

    Both models are powered by a robust 27 hp Kohler engine and feature a four-pump hydraulic system that efficiently directs power to the loader, bucket, traction, and auxiliary drives. These features enable simultaneous operation of multiple functions, significantly enhancing operator efficiency.

    The reinforced tracks disperse weight evenly, ensuring a low impact on turf and improved traction in sandy, wet, or uneven terrain. Whether you choose the wide or narrow track, the Dingo TX 427 provides powerful performance and versatility, making it a valuable addition to any fleet.

    Dingo TX 525

    The Toro Dingo TX 525, available in both wide and narrow track width, stands out for its powerful performance and adaptability across various job sites. Featuring a liquid-cooled 23.3 hp Kubota diesel engine, this model delivers exceptional hydraulic power (52.2 L/min), which translates to extra torque and longer engine life, enhancing the performance of ground-engaging attachments.

    The TX 525’s low ground pressure minimizes damage to sensitive surfaces while ensuring stability and traction in rugged conditions. Its four-pump hydraulic system allows simultaneous operation of the loader, bucket, traction, and auxiliary drives, ensuring increased operator efficiency with simple controls that are easy to master.

    Dingo TX 700

    The Toro Dingo TX 700 is a powerhouse utility loader designed for efficiency and flexibility in confined spaces. This track loader features a compact footprint combined with a robust 24.7 hp Yanmar diesel engine that drives a high-capacity hydraulic system, delivering exceptional performance across various applications.

    The TX 700’s Camso track system, with a less aggressive tread pattern, ensures minimal turf damage while providing superior traction, making it ideal for landscaping projects where surface protection is crucial. With its impressive 700 lbs. rated operating capacity and easy-to-use controls, the TX 700 is perfect for both homeowners and contractors looking for a versatile machine that excels in tight areas without sacrificing power. This model is available in both wide and narrow track configurations.

    Dingo TX 1000

    The Toro Dingo TX 1000 sets a new standard in the compact utility loader market with its class-leading 1,000 lb. rated operating capacity. Designed for high productivity, this model features vertical lift loader arms that increase reach and height capabilities, allowing it to easily clear the sides of a 30-yard dumpster or one-ton truck.

    Available in both wide and narrow track width, the TX 1000 fits through standard 36″ gates, making it ideal for projects in confined spaces. The machine’s powerful Kubota diesel engine and efficient hydraulic system ensure that it delivers exceptional performance without compromising on maneuverability, making the TX 1000 a top choice for heavy lifting and extensive use in a variety of settings.

    Dingo TX 1300

    The Toro Dingo TX 1300 is designed for enhanced performance in landscaping, hardscaping, and tree care jobs, featuring a powerful 37 hp Yanmar Tier IV diesel engine and a substantial 590 kg rated operating capacity. What sets this model apart is its INTELESCOPE loader arm with SmartLoad technology, which extends an additional 66 cm to facilitate lifting over high barriers like dumpsters or trucks.

    This feature, combined with the pressure-relieving quick coupler system for easy attachment changes, significantly boosts job site efficiency. The TX 1300’s intuitive controls and dual hydraulic system ensure ease of operation and continuous high performance, making it a versatile and reliable choice for heavy-duty tasks.

    Dingo TX 2000

    The Toro Dingo TXL 2000 is available in both telescoping and non-telescoping versions, each designed to maximize productivity in compact spaces. Both versions boast a 360-degree visibility from a dedicated stand-on platform and a 2,000 lbs. rated operating capacity, handling tasks usually reserved for larger machines while maintaining a compact footprint suitable for tight spaces.

    The telescoping version stands out with its exclusive telescoping arm, which extends the hinge pin height to 123 inches, providing remarkable reach and lift capabilities essential for efficiently unloading, hauling, digging, and placing materials. This feature uniquely enables it to perform high-reaching tasks more effectively than the non-telescoping version, making it especially useful for jobs requiring extended vertical reach.

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  • Why Choose to Buy from RPM?

    Choosing RPM Machinery means more than just making a purchase; it’s about finding the perfect fit for your specific requirements. Through our “Right Fit Process,” we thoroughly assess your needs and goals, ensuring that you invest in equipment that genuinely suits your operations. This tailored approach not only saves time but also maximizes your investment by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

    To further support your purchase, we offer a variety of flexible financing options. By partnering with several reputable lending institutions, we provide solutions to spread out the cost of your equipment, making it more manageable for your financial planning.

    Beyond sales, we’re dedicated to exemplary customer service, as evidenced by our positive customer reviews. Our factory-trained technicians are always on hand to provide maintenance and repair services, ensuring your equipment remains in peak condition. We also offer comprehensive training on how to properly operate and maintain your new machinery, enhancing both safety and productivity.

    With RPM Machinery, you’re not just purchasing equipment; you’re building a partnership that extends well beyond the initial sale.

  • Count on RPM for Your Toro Dingo Equipment

    Enhance your worksite efficiency with RPM Machinery’s extensive lineup of Toro tracked compact utility loaders. As your trusted dealer, we offer more than just sales – our commitment extends to ongoing support, comprehensive service packages, and access to expert technicians, ensuring your fleet operates seamlessly over the long haul.

    Contact us today to explore our inventory and experience firsthand the versatility, maneuverability, efficiency, and ease of use that Toro compact track loaders bring to your projects.