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Spaulding Manufacturing Equipment in Indianapolis, IN

Road maintenance equipment frequently experiences tough environments and faces grueling work. Spaulding Manufacturing produces durable and reliable equipment designed to withstand the harsh conditions of road maintenance. Their products are built with high-quality materials and advanced technology to provide superior performance and long-lasting durability.

In Indianapolis, Spaulding Manufacturing’s innovative road maintenance solutions provide best-in-class results. Get in contact with RPM Machinery today to schedule an equipment demonstration or to learn more about how Spaulding’s line of equipment can help your Indianapolis area business.

  • Trailer Solutions

    The Roadsaver from Spaulding Manufacturing only requires one burner to reclaim asphalt, providing fuel and maintenance savings that other competitors cannot match. From recycling chunks of asphalt to maintaining the hot mix’s temperature during transportation, the Roadsaver is an all-in-one solution to many road maintenance challenges.

    Road maintenance professionals can utilize the machine’s advanced features to reuse and recycle existing asphalt materials, improving operations and even reducing the overall environmental impact.

    Spaulding Manufacturing’s Roadsaver also features a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls that make it easier to operate. Not only does this minimize the need for training across your workers, but it also increases overall job site productivity. Get in contact with RPM Machinery today to learn how the Roadsaver can suit your road maintenance equipment needs in Indianapolis.

  • Auger Trailer

    Spaulding Manufacturing produces triple-walled RMV Auger Trailers that offer efficiency and productivity on job sites of all scopes and scale. The machine features three burners for maximum productivity, cutting down on labor time and costs by providing fast and efficient asphalt augering.

    The RMV Auger Trailer was constructed with innovation in mind. The trailer can be customized to meet your exact needs and specifications, offering features such as optional battery chargers, toolboxes, tack tanks, and more.

    Indianapolis area road maintenance companies can count on the RMV Auger Trailer from Spaulding Manufacturing to help you auger asphalt faster and more effectively than before. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

  • Slip-In

    Spaulding Manufacturing’s Slip-in Model is completely insulated and can maintain hot temperatures for significant periods of time. The Slip-in is customizable to feature anywhere from a 2-6 ton hopper holding capacity. Your requirements and specifications are crucial in ensuring you receive the best product for your circumstances, and the Slip-in from Spaulding will help you dispense the ideal amount of asphalt from the hopper.

    The Slip-in features a curbside digital temperature control to make it easier than ever to control the temperature of the asphalt within the hopper. Additional customization options include overnight heating, roller baskets, and automatic start-up features.

    In Indianapolis, the Slip-in from Spaulding Manufacturing is built with the customer’s needs in mind. Spaulding understands the challenges faced by road maintenance professionals, and their Slip-in machinery provides an innovative solution. Contact RPM Machinery today to learn more.

  • Truck Mounts

    Spaulding’s truck mount solutions include the Spaulding RMV Chassis Mount. Available in propane or diesel-powered versions, this versatile and durable chassis mount is designed to provide reliable performance for a range of asphalt maintenance tasks. With its high-capacity storage tank and efficient heating and application systems, the Spaulding RMV Chassis Mount is an ideal choice for contractors and municipalities looking to improve the overall efficiency of their operations.

    Spaulding offers a range of accessories and customization options to help customers customize their truck mount solutions to their specific needs and preferences. With add-ons including hoists, vibratory rollers, and high-power auger systems, Spaulding’s RMV Chassis Mount is a great choice for road maintenance tasks of any size. Get in touch with RPM Machinery today to learn more about acquiring truck mount solutions for your Indianapolis, IN area business.

  • Contact RPM Machinery for Equipment from Spaulding Manufacturing

    At RPM Machinery, we believe that our customers deserve access to equipment from the most respected and renowned manufacturers in the industry. That’s why we’re proud to provide the Indianapolis area with high-quality equipment from Spaulding Manufacturing. Contact our team today to learn more about their products or to request a product demonstration.

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