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CASE Motor Graders

Optimize your grading tasks with a CASE motor grader from RPM Machinery. Built to endure the demands of everything from large-scale road construction to precise site prep, these powerful machines deliver reliable and exact performance for any project.

Discover our extensive inventory of new and used CASE C-series motor graders in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, and Franklin, IN. Contact RPM Machinery today to arrange a demo and select the motor grader that will maximize your operational productivity.

  • Why Choose CASE Motor Graders?

    Experience the unbeatable combination of power, precision, and versatility with CASE motor graders, designed to boost productivity for all your grading applications.

    Unmatched Performance

    CASE motor graders deliver robust performance due to their powerful engines and efficient fuel management. These motor graders ensure reliability through every task, from simple site preparations to complex road construction, thanks to their durable construction and fuel-saving performance. The C-series motor graders expand the possibilities for your fleet by providing smooth operation and constant traction.

    Advanced Features

    Each CASE motor grader is equipped with state-of-the-art blade control systems, ensuring greater draft control and precision. Operators enjoy a comfortable environment featuring ergonomic controls and excellent visibility of the moldboard and surrounding area. The machines are designed for easy maintenance access, minimizing downtime, and keeping operational costs low.

    Versatility for Any Job

    From fine grading to ditching and bank sloping, CASE C-series motor graders can handle a wide variety of grading tasks. Smart hydraulics and automatic power splitting adapt seamlessly to varying conditions, making these machines ideal for road maintenance and general construction.

    Supported by RPM Machinery

    When you choose CASE motor graders from RPM Machinery, you get more than just a machine; you gain a partnership. RPM provides expert advice, comprehensive financing options, and reliable parts and service, ensuring minimal cost over the life of your equipment and maximizing your investment.

  • CASE 836C Motor Grader

    The CASE 836C Motor Grader stands out as a superb choice for small to mid-size grading projects, encompassing everything from residential site preparation and snow removal to municipal work.

    Powered by a robust 137 horsepower engine, this motor grader combines size with strength, delivering outstanding stability and precision control in a variety of environments. The CASE 836C is especially noted for its Tier 4 Final compliant engine that not only meets stringent emissions standards but does so with exceptional fuel efficiency.

    Operators will find the CASE 836C motor grader to be equipped with features designed to enhance productivity and ease of use. The direct-mounted hydraulic controls offer a responsive, tactile feel that translates into greater accuracy and reduced need for rework, a critical factor in tight spaces or complex job sites.

    The advanced Ergopower transmission and torque converter facilitates smooth, automatic shifting, while its hydraulic differential lock and auto power splitting automatically optimize torque distribution between wheels for continuous, reliable traction.

    The 836C includes a high-carbon steel moldboard that can pitch, tilt, and shift laterally, making it adaptable for any grading requirement. You also can add on options such as moldboard float, front dozer blade, and rear ripper to increase your machine’s versatility. Finally, a precision-ready setup ensures the CASE 836C motor grader can integrate seamlessly with major machine control systems, which makes it a smart choice for fleets aiming to implement advanced technological solutions.

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  • CASE 856C Motor Grader

    The CASE 856C motor grader, with its 173 horsepower engine, is tailored for larger-scale grading tasks that demand superior power and precision. This model excels in a variety of environments, from highway construction to heavy-duty earthmoving.

    Its advanced Ergopower transmission ensures automatic, smooth shifting across a range of conditions, enhancing machine responsiveness and comfort during long hours of operation. The automatic differential lock and no-spin power splitting dynamically manage tractive effort, optimizing performance on slippery or uneven terrain.

    Designed to enhance both productivity and operator ease of use, the 856C motor grader features a robust suite of technological advancements. The moldboard, which can be adjusted to tilt, pitch, and shift laterally, is supported by a heavy-duty A-frame design that allows bank-cutting angles of up to 112 degrees—ideal for complex grading tasks.

    Operators benefit from direct-mounted hydraulic controls that minimize play, offering better control and precision during detailed operations. The hydraulic system of the 856C includes a high-flow floor switch that boosts power instantly, crucial for demanding tasks.

    The operator’s cab of the 856C motor grader is designed for visibility and comfort. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows provide unobstructed views of the work area, and the rearview camera system improves safety on busy sites.

    For ease of maintenance, the engine hood opens hydraulically at the pull of a lever, offering straightforward access to essential components, reducing downtime, and supporting daily maintenance routines. With its combination of power, precision, and intelligent design, the CASE 856C motor grader is an indispensable tool for any company looking to enhance their construction equipment fleet’s capabilities and efficiency.

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  • Count on RPM for CASE Motor Graders

    Elevate your grading operations with RPM Machinery’s exceptional selection of CASE C-series motor graders.

    As a leading authorized CASE construction equipment dealer, we go beyond merely selling equipment—we ensure you receive comprehensive support that includes service packages, readily available parts, and expert technicians dedicated to keeping your fleet performing optimally. RPM Machinery is committed to providing tools that enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

    Choose RPM for the reliability and powerful performance of CASE motor graders. Contact us today to explore our full range of well-equipped models and take your construction capabilities to the next level.