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New CASE Forklift

New CASE Forklift

Streamlining your material handling operations has never been easier than with a new CASE forklift in your fleet. From heavy-duty construction sites to fast-paced warehouses, these rugged machines sold by RPM Machinery are built to handle your toughest lifting and transporting challenges with ease.

Explore our extensive inventory of new and used CASE forklifts for sale in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Franklin., IN. Contact RPM Machinery today to schedule a demo and find the perfect forklift to maximize your productivity.

  • Tough Equipment for the Toughest Jobs

    Construction jobs thrive on consistent progress. Downtime due to equipment failure eats into your profits and your team’s productivity. That’s where CASE forklifts from RPM Machinery come into play. Engineered with unwavering durability in mind, these machines are built to weather the toughest jobsites, season after season.

    The secret lies in their construction. Robust frames, masts, and axles form the unyielding core, while heavy-duty materials like corrosion-resistant components and wear-resistant parts ensure an extended lifespan. Each machine also offers fast lifting speeds and a powerful performance hard to find elsewhere in the market.

    But durability isn’t just about muscle – it’s about intelligent design. Every CASE forklift is built with reinforced forks and carriages that handle heavy loads with unwavering stability. Its durable exterior finishes shrug off scratches, fading, and the harshest weather elements.

  • Reliable Rough Terrain Forklifts

    CASE forklifts are built with reliability as a top priority. These proven powertrains deliver consistent performance, shift after shift. Each machine undergoes rigorous testing and includes extended service intervals to help minimize maintenance disruptions and maximize uptime.

    But reliability isn’t just about parts; it’s about peace of mind. That’s why select models offer telematics systems that provide real-time performance monitoring and preventative maintenance reminders. With CASE forklifts, you’re not just buying a machine – you’re investing in a dependable tool for your operational success.

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  • Optimized Protection From All Sides

    CASE forklifts are equipped with a comprehensive suite of features designed to prevent accidents and protect your most valuable asset – your team.

    Built-in safeguards, such as the operator presence system, ensure proper control before operation. Overload protection prevents you from exceeding the weight capacity, while strategically placed emergency stop buttons allow for immediate machine shutdown in critical situations. Additionally, enhanced awareness capabilities with backup alarms and bright warning lights keep pedestrians and other vehicles aware of the forklift’s presence and movement.

    At RPM Machinery, our CASE forklifts go beyond the basics with additional features like mast tilt lockouts, speed limiters, and even collision avoidance systems, creating a customized safety shield for your specific needs.

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  • Operator Comfort From Head to Toe

    CASE forklifts are some of the most operator-friendly machines on the market with ergonomic designs that combat fatigue and boost efficiency. Each spacious cabin offers ample legroom and headroom, adjustable seats, and tiltable steering columns.

    Enclosed cabs and engine dampeners hush loud noises, while vibration-dampening systems smooth out even the bumpiest terrains. Select models even offer climate control, ensuring year-round comfort.

    With personalized comfort features, this innovative equipment helps your operators stay alert, focused, and energized throughout their entire shift to minimize errors and boost productivity.

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  • Our Inventory: H-Series Rough Terrain Forklifts

    At RPM Machinery, we offer the CASE forklift H-Series – with industry-leading lift speed and up to 8,000 lbs lifting capacities.

    Currently offering two models, the 586H and 588H, the H-Series boasts low noise levels and reduced vibration without sacrificing power. These machines are equipped with Tier 4 Final-compliant engines for high-performing lift capacities and greater fuel efficiency.

    Confidently secure materials and complete each job faster with the advanced technology of an H-Series forklift. Additional features include:

    • Four-wheel drive system for improved traction and maneuverability
    • 45° forward mast tilt and 15° backward tilt for precise load handling on uneven surfaces
    • High ground clearance and large tires provide maximum obstacle clearance
    • Optional load control technology for smooth and stable performance
    • Adjustable seat and tilt steering column for a comfortable ride every time

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  • Count on RPM for CASE Forklifts

    Streamline your workflow and maximize productivity with RPM Machinery’s unbeatable selection of CASE forklifts. Our team is an industry leader because we go beyond the sale. As an authorized CASE dealer, we provide ongoing support including comprehensive service packages, readily available parts, and expert technicians to keep your fleet running flawlessly for years to come.

    Don’t settle for any forklift. Choose RPM and the unmatched power of CASE. Contact us today to explore our inventory and elevate your material handling operations to new heights.