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Toro Equipment in Franklin, IN

Toro Equipment in Franklin, IN

Construction companies throughout Franklin, IN, and beyond continue to trust Toro equipment to get the job done. From compact loaders to utility vehicles, Toro offers equipment that is specifically designed to improve productivity, efficiency, and overall effectiveness.

RPM Machinery is proud to provide our customers with products from Toro because of the quality associated with their equipment. Contact us today to learn more about how Toro’s high-quality equipment can meet your needs.

Compact Loaders From Toro

RPM Machinery offers two different types of compact loaders from Toro. They include:

  • Wheeled Compact Utility Loader

    From digging and planting to hauling and building, Toro’s wheeled compact utility loaders can help with a number of different projects. Featuring plenty of hydraulic power and exceptional durability, wheeled compact utility loaders from Toro will provide years of reliability and efficiency.

    Wheeled compact utility loaders offer exceptional maneuverability and can travel across many types of terrain. Reach out to RPM Machinery today to learn more about how these machines can directly address your specific needs in Franklin, IN.

  • Tracked Compact Utility Loader

    Tracked loaders, in comparison to wheeled loaders, exert ground pressure. This makes them ideal to maneuver across sensitive and delicate terrain. Toro continues to innovate, and their line of tracked compact utility loaders is no different. These machines are incredibly lightweight and designed to maximize productivity.

    Each model of tracked compact utility loaders features different hauling and operating capacities and capabilities, so finding the machine that is best for you is key. RPM Machinery’s “Right Fit” process can help.

  • Workman GTX

    The GTX series utility vehicle is capable of towing 1,500 pounds and holding 1,200 pounds. Available in gas or electric models, these vehicles are capable of navigating around many types of terrain. Both gas and electric models provide the same power and versatility, so you’re sure to have your needs met regardless of the model that you choose. Contact RPM Machinery today to learn more about the Workman GTX model.

  • Workman MDX

    We know that construction sites require rugged and durable machinery in order to maximize productivity. Toro’s Workman MDX utility vehicle is designed with durability in mind and provides users with the ideal combination of comfort and productivity. The MDX can tow up to 1,200 pounds and features a maximum payload capacity of 1,650 pounds.

  • Workman HD

    The HD series utility vehicle is the toughest and most rugged utility vehicle offered by Toro. The HD can tow up to 3,500 pounds and hold up to 3,351 pounds in the bed of the vehicle. It features automatic transmission to allow you to focus on your work, rather than switching gears. No matter the job, the Workman HD is up to the task.

Why Choose RPM Machinery?

Here at RPM Machinery, we’re completely committed to helping our customers find the product that will help them get the job done quicker and more effectively. Our “Right Fit” process can help ensure that you’re receiving the equipment that will provide you with the greatest benefits. We’re passionate about the work that we do because we know that it impacts your daily life.

RPM Machinery is a multi-generational company that has built solid relationships with customers and manufacturers alike. For more information about our company, or to learn more about how Toro construction equipment can help your construction company, get in touch with our team today.

Contact RPM Machinery for Toro Products in Franklin, IN

Franklin, IN construction companies can count on RPM Machinery to connect them with the best products from leading manufacturers, including Toro. For more information about any Toro products, or to request a demo, get in touch with RPM Machinery today.

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