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Avant Equipment in Lafayette, IN

Avant Equipment in Lafayette, IN

RPM Machinery in Lafayette, IN provides you with access to Avant equipment that can meet your budget and expectations. We deal with quality and durable equipment that can finish your work in no time. We’re proud to offer durable and high-quality equipment to businesses in and around Lafayette, IN.

Avant’s Line of Loaders

We deal with a wide range of Avant loader models. These models include:

  • 800 Series

    The 800 Series is the biggest and strongest version of the Avant loaders. This machine is equipped with a powerful horsepower engine that makes it suitable for heavy jobs requiring great power. The 800 Series handles stone pallets easier than other versions of the Avant Series.

  • 700 Series

    This equipment brings the power required by professionals to get the work done. The 700 Series offers an excellent choice for the necessary high-lift capacity and is an ideal tool for street clearing and property maintenance. Get your construction or bale handling in farms done quickly.

  • 600 Series

    When it comes to power and agility for all of your industrial work, the Avant 600 Series is the best choice. With powerful hydraulics, power, and lift capacity, this equipment is the best choice for several industries, including horse stables and landscaping.

  • 500 Series

    With unbeatable power and the best price compared to other series, the Avant 500 Series is the best choice. This machine offers excellent power and solid hydraulics, making it well suited for many jobs. The 500 Series also provides good maneuverability and can lift heavy loads.

  • 400 Series

    The Avant 400 Series loader is a great choice when you’re looking for a lightweight and economical workhorse for your job. With a lifting height as high as 9.02 feet, the 400 Series can turn almost on the spot.

Attachments to Help Complete Any Job

With over 200 attachments for Avant loaders, we offer equipment that can assist you with practically any project.

Avant’s line of loaders and equipment have the necessary horsepower engine to get the job done. As a result, their compatible attachments can lift big loads during loading. These loaders are capable of handling large loads, including stone pallets. Because of their powerful engines, these attachments are also helpful for landscaping, sanding, and plowing. Loader engines are crucial in completing an industrial operation on time, including farming, landscaping, and stoning.

These loaders also come in a variety of sizes ranging from large to tiny, making them well suited for a variety of operations in a variety of terrains. The various sizes also allow your crew to use the equipment effortlessly. Loaders may be transported in difficult-to-reach situations since they have easy mobility in such areas.

With over 200 attachments for Avant loaders, you may pick the proper tools from a wide variety of attachments that are intentionally built for all-year usage and to provide the desired results.

Proud to Be an Authorized Avant Supplier

Looking for the right, durable industrial equipment can be very challenging for your business. For this reason, RPM Machinery provides you with the best Avant equipment in Lafayette. We are a trusted dealer and supplier of world-class Avant equipment in Lafayette, IN.

Partnering with RPM Machinery will ensure that your business receives the equipment necessary to tackle your duties and match your expectations. Choosing RPM Machinery as your Avant provider will ensure the machines’ endurance for several years.

As a trusted Avant supplier, we provide customers throughout Lafayette with quality and durable equipment for their business solutions. Avant equipment has powerful engines that make it easy to do hard jobs in the shortest time possible. Loaders from Avant also come in different sizes, making them easy to transport in hard-to-reach areas.

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For more information regarding our supply of Avant equipment in Lafayette, Indiana, get in touch with us online. We’ll be happy to discuss Avant equipment in more detail to help you determine if their expansive line of products is right for your needs.

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