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Morbark Equipment Services

Appealing to companies in a variety of industries, Mobark provides high-quality equipment that is built to withstand the test of time. Whether your equipment is experiencing issues that are preventing it from operating at its highest performance levels, or it’s time to schedule your regular maintenance appointment, trust RPM Machinery.

With locations in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Franklin, and Lafayette, we can provide your equipment with the services it needs. Schedule with our team today.

  • Count on RPM Machinery’s Team of Factory-Trained Professionals for Expert Diagnosis

    Morbark equipment features intricacies that require specialized knowledge for accurate diagnosis and effective resolution. RPM Machinery’s team of factory-trained professionals possesses the expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of Morbark equipment with precision.

    Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously enhance our skills and stay updated with the latest Morbark advancements. When it comes to diagnosis, our technicians utilize a combination of experience and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to pinpoint even the most subtle issues.

    Whether it’s a hydraulic glitch, electrical anomaly, or engine performance concern, our team is adept at uncovering the root cause and developing tailored solutions. We understand that each piece of Morbark equipment is unique, and our personalized approach ensures that no detail is overlooked.

  • Eliminate Downtime and Improve Uptime

    With RPM’s repair and maintenance services, you’ll increase uptime. This provides benefits such as:

    • Heightened Efficiency: Maintaining equipment uptime ensures seamless operations, amplifying efficiency and reducing operational hiccups.
    • Financial Savings: Minimized downtime leads to cost-effective operations, lowering maintenance outlays and optimizing resource usage.
    • Timely Project Delivery: Dependable equipment uptime empowers timely project completion, meeting client expectations and project schedules.
    • Prolonged Equipment Life: Consistent functionality with minimal downtime contributes to the prolonged lifespan of machinery and equipment.
  • Keep Your Equipment Running Well With RPM’s Maintenance Plans

    We know that your plate is full enough as it is without worrying about Morbark equipment maintenance. That’s why RPM Machinery offers maintenance plans that provide your equipment with the maintenance it needs, when it needs it.

    Enrolling in a predictive maintenance plan, like the one from RPM Machinery, can reduce system breakdowns by 70-75%. 

    Talk to a professional from RPM Machinery today to learn more about our maintenance plans or to begin your enrollment. 

  • Types of Morbark Equipment Services

    RPM Machinery provides complete services with factory trained technicians and OEM parts to keep your equipment running. Our most popular services include maintenance and repair such as:

  • Morbark Equipment Maintenance

    Following manufacturer recommendations on maintenance intervals ensures uptime and a longer life of your equipment.


    The heart of every Morbark machine, engines should receive specialized care to keep all aspects of the machinery running as intended. At RPM Machinery, our certified mechanics perform routine inspections, change fluids, and replace filters to maintain strong engine health.

    We carefully diagnose and rectify engine-related problems, optimizing power output and fuel efficiency. By adhering to manufacturer guidelines, we ensure engines remain reliable, minimizing disruptions and maximizing overall equipment output.

    Engine maintenance from RPM Machinery includes:

    • Oil and Filter Changes
    • Air Filter Replacements
    • Cooling System Checks
    • Fuel System Inspections


    Our proficient technicians meticulously inspect, troubleshoot, and maintain hydraulic systems, assuring seamless operations. From fluid level checks and filter replacements to complex hydraulic component overhauls, our maintenance services ensure peak performance.

    During your hydraulics maintenance appointment with RPM Machinery, our team will inspect hydraulic hoses, fittings, and seals for wear and leaks. We will also replace damaged components promptly to prevent fluid loss and system inefficiencies, check hydraulic fluid levels and quality, and adhere to recommended replacement intervals.

    All moving parts, such as cylinders and valves, should also be lubricated to minimize friction and wear.

    By prioritizing hydraulic maintenance, you’ll keep your Morbark equipment running smoothly and minimize downtime.


    The electrical components of your Mobark equipment help the machinery operate with precision and control. All sensors, switches, controllers, and wiring should be in excellent working condition to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

    During your electrical component maintenance appointment with RPM Machinery, our team will ensure all wiring, controls, and systems are functioning optimally. We will troubleshoot any issues, replace faulty components, and conduct thorough safety checks to prevent downtime.

    Electrical maintenance services from RPM Machinery include:

    • Routine Inspections
    • Wiring Checks
    • Connection Evaluations
    • Component Testing
  • Morbark Equipment Repairs

    When a unit experiences issues, trust RPM Machinery to quickly repair Morbark equipment.

  • Hydraulics

    The hydraulics system of your Morbark equipment helps it dig, lift, and maneuver heavy loads with remarkable precision and power. When any issues occur with the machinery’s hydraulics system, you’ll likely notice quickly in the form of decreased performance, power, and overall effectiveness.

    Our expert technicians excel in diagnosing and repairing hydraulic systems with precision. We offer troubleshooting, maintenance, and component replacement to ensure optimal performance. Our hydraulics repair services include:

    • Component Replacement
    • Seal and Gasket Repair
    • Hydraulic Line Repair
    • Hydraulic System Overhaul
    • Performance Testing

    Count on us to keep your equipment running smoothly.


    Morbark equipment features advanced electrical components that require experience and proper training. Luckily, navigating complex electrical systems is our forte.

    We provide thorough inspection, testing, and repairs for electrical components, ensuring seamless functionality. Count on us for Morbark electrical repairs, including:

    • Wiring and Connector Repair
    • Control Module Replacement
    • Sensor Calibration and Replacement
    • Circuit Diagnosis and Repair
    • Emergency System Repair

    Whether it’s circuitry, controls, or wiring, our team is equipped to handle it all. We prioritize adherence to safety standards and employ the latest technology to diagnose and address electrical issues swiftly.


    RPM Machinery understands that the heart of your machinery — the engine — requires meticulous care and expertise. With a deep appreciation for the intricate workings of engines, RPM Machinery offers unparalleled services to ensure your equipment’s peak performance.

    Our skilled mechanics offer comprehensive engine diagnostics, maintenance, and overhauls. From routine oil changes to intricate engine repairs, we are committed to enhancing your equipment’s longevity and efficiency. Choose RPM Machinery for engine repairs including:

    • Engine Component Repair
    • Fuel System Overhaul
    • Cooling System Repair
    • Exhaust System Maintenance
    • Engine Performance Tuning
  • Contact RPM Machinery for Mobark Equipment Services

    Proud to be a Morbark dealer, RPM Machinery offers industry-leading services to eliminate equipment downtime. Give us a call today to schedule Morbark equipment repair and maintenance services in Indiana, including the Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Franklin, and Lafayette areas.