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New CASE Loader Backhoe

You rely on tough, high-performance heavy machinery to complete frequent and large-scale professional construction jobs. CASE Construction Equipment loader backhoes are more than machines – they’re a powerful partner for your productivity.

RPM Machinery is proud to partner with CASE, a leader in heavy-duty machinery, so you always have access to the muscle you need to handle heavy materials or excavate sites for new construction. CASE loader backhoes boast unmatched user-friendly features and are available in a variety of specifications tailored to your unique application.

Invest in a CASE backhoe from RPM Machinery and watch as your operation evolves into a well-oiled, adaptable force, equipped to tackle whatever jobs come your way.

  • Versatility as You’ve Never Seen Before

    Why juggle multiple machines when you can master your job site with one? CASE loader backhoes seamlessly switch between excavator operations and powerful lifting capacity. No more waiting for the next piece of equipment to get into gear – CASE lets you tackle diverse projects with increased efficiency. And outriggers and stabilizers enable them to level and stabilize themselves on uneven terrain, making them ideal for smaller job sites.

    The versatility doesn’t stop there. The loader backhoes in our inventory are compatible with a range of attachments including hammers, trenchers, augers, and so much more. Simple swapping allows for a quick transition from digging to lifting to grading, and even demolition.

  • Packing Peak Performance

    CASE offers a range of engine horsepower options, typically starting around 70 horsepower and going up to 214 in their larger models. This ensures you have maximum power for your specific needs, whether it’s digging tough or frozen ground, lifting heavy loads, or maneuvering through challenging terrain.

    These loader backhoes also use modern hydraulic systems that deliver precise control, high flow rates, and efficient power transfer. This translates to faster cycle times, better digging force, and smoother operation, even under heavy loads.

    Finally, smooth and responsive controls allow for digging and loading with greater precision, even in delicate or confined spaces. Advanced hydraulic valves and dampening systems minimize jerky movements and ensure smooth transitions between digging and lifting actions. This leads to increased operator comfort and reduces fatigue, further boosting productivity.

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  • Optimized Operator Comfort

    Operator comfort is a vital aspect of loader backhoes, and CASE models put significant emphasis on ensuring their operators stay happy and productive throughout their workday. Whether you’re tall or prefer extra space, CASE cabs offer enough room to stretch your legs and move around comfortably without feeling cramped.

    Most models come with fully adjustable seats, including suspension, lumbar support, and armrests, allowing you to find the perfect position for optimal comfort and control. Large windows in an enclosed cab and strategically placed mirrors provide unobstructed views of the loader arms, excavator boom, and surrounding work area, minimizing blind spots and enhancing safety.

    CASE loader backhoes often feature air conditioning and heating, allowing you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This reduces discomfort and fatigue, leading to improved concentration and productivity. Sound-dampening materials in the walls and ceiling, minimize engine noise and vibrations reaching the operator, which significantly reduces noise fatigue and stress, and allow for better focus and communication.

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  • Advanced Technology at Your Fingertips

    These days, complex jobs require your heavy equipment to be more than a hunk of moving mechanical parts to finish the project with success. CASE loader backhoes are equipped with industry-leading technology to revolutionize your workday.

    Telematics systems – available on select models – provide real-time machine performance data, improving fleet management practices. Additionally, backup cameras enhance operator safety. Take the grunt work out of repetitive tasks like trenching and grading with auto-dig and auto-level features.

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  • Count on RPM for CASE Loader Backhoes

    RPM Machinery’s team of experts is prepared with the knowledge and inventory to connect you with the ideal equipment solutions for, even your most challenging projects. No matter if you need an unyielding excavator or a robust loader with great fuel efficiency, we have a CASE loader backhoe in our inventory that will meet your needs.

    We’re a top authorized dealer for industry professionals across Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Franklin, IN. Our solutions combine the power and durability of CASE with our own internal customer service and purchasing support.

    Contact RPM Machinery today to transform your fleet with CASE.