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Spaulding Manufacturing Equipment in Fort Wayne, IN

Road maintenance equipment in Fort Wayne requires unique challenges and conditions that require specialized solutions. Built with durability and innovation in mind, Spaulding Manufacturing produces equipment that can perform in even the toughest conditions. Contact RPM Machinery today for equipment from Spaulding Manufacturing in Fort Wayne, IN.

  • Spaulding Trailers in Fort Wayne, IN

    The Roadsaver from Spaulding Manufacturing is built with efficiency in mind. The machine features only a single burner, contrary to the dual-burner system found on many other trailers. This provides greater efficiency and allows the system to save on fuel and maintenance costs.

    Additionally, the machine utilizes an infrared heating system to allow the existing asphalt to be reworked, rather than having to completely replace it. Not only does this save the user time and money, but it also reduces waste and environmental impact.

    For Indiana operators, the Roadsaver can be customized with additional features to ensure the user’s needs are fully met. Additional options include:

    • Hydraulic top and rear doors
    • Tack tanks
    • Oil jacketed hoppers
    • Overnight heating
    • Strobe lighting kit
    • And more

    For your asphalt road maintenance needs, turn to the Roadsaver from Spaulding Manufacturing in Fort Wayne.

  • Spaulding Augers in Fort Wayne, IN

    The days on a road maintenance job site in Fort Wayne can be long, requiring asphalt to remain at temperatures that are ideal for application and smooth delivery. The RMV Auger Trailer from Spaulding Manufacturing keeps asphalt hot all day long thanks to its three burners and triple-walled insulation.

    The RMV Auger Trailer is built to reduce manual labor and improve efficiency in your work day. The system’s design allows for hydraulic lifting and dumping. This keeps your crew safe and lets them get more projects accomplished throughout the day.

    Similar to the Roadsaver, the RMV Auger Trailer is compatible with several attachments for maximum productivity. These include:

    • Overnight heating
    • Battery charger
    • Tool holder and toolbox
    • Hour meter
    • Fire extinguisher
    • And more

    Whether it’s for asphalt repair, pothole filling, or pavement maintenance, the RMV from Spaulding Manufacturing is a valuable tool for road maintenance crews in Fort Wayne and all of Indiana.

  • Spaulding Slip-ins in Fort Wayne, IN

    Spaulding’s Slip-in model is an asphalt dispensing machine capable of maintaining temperatures for extended periods. The system is available in 2-6 ton models and is designed to provide reliable and precise asphalt dispensing.

    Equipped with advanced temperature control technology, the slip-in model ensures that your asphalt remains at the optimal temperature throughout your road maintenance projects. This guarantees consistent and high-quality results, minimizing the risk of material degradation and enhancing overall performance.

    When you choose a Spaulding Slip-in in Fort Wayne, you gain versatility and customizations, making it the ideal choice for road maintenance professionals.

  • Spaulding Truck Mounts in Fort Wayne, IN

    Spaulding Manufacturing’s RMV Chassis Mount is offered in 4 to 10 ton size capacities and comes in propane and diesel-powered models. Chassis Mount provides even heating throughout the entire system to keep asphalt at a constant temperature.

    Like other equipment from Spaulding Manufacturing in Fort Wayne, the RMV Chassis Mount can be fully customized. Additional options include augering system or a hydraulic scissor hoist.

    With the RMV Chassis Mount, road maintenance crews in Fort Wayne, IN, can expect reliable, efficient, and customizable truck-mounted asphalt systems that meet their exact specifications.

  • Contact RPM Machinery for Equipment From Spaulding Manufacturing in Fort Wayne

    RPM Machinery proudly works with Spaulding Manufacturing to deliver our customers top-of-the-line equipment. Road maintenance crews in Fort Wayne and around the world turn to equipment from Spaulding Manufacturing. Contact RPM Machinery today to request a product demonstration or to learn more about purchasing Spaulding Manufacturing equipment in Fort Wayne, IN.

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