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Thunder Creek Equipment in Fort Wayne, IN

At RPM Machinery, our team understands the value of uptime within your business.

Transporting fuel and maintenance fluids to your equipment improves efficiency, reduces downtime, and focuses your resources on getting work done. Thunder Creek specializes in providing innovative solutions for fuel and fluid management. Contact RPM Machinery today for equipment from Thunder Creek in the Fort Wayne, IN area.

  • Fuel Solutions in Fort Wayne

    Thunder Creek manufactures a variety of fuel transportation solutions to suit different needs. Their wide range of fuel trailers and uplifts includes:

    FST Series Fuel Trailers

    The FST Series is the staple of Thunder Creek’s fuel trailer lineup. Built with heavy-duty steel construction and featuring a fully baffled, DOT-compliant fuel tank, they come equipped with a powerful fuel pump, fuel meter, and a range of customizable options to meet specific requirements. They are available in 500, 750, and 990-gallon models to meet your needs, whatever they may look like.

    Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers

    Thunder Creek’s Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers are designed for users who need to transport multiple types of fuel or fluids at a single time. These trailers feature multiple compartments, allowing for the safe and efficient transportation of different fuels and liquids. Each compartment is equipped with its own pump and meter, ensuring easy dispensing and liquid measuring. Thunder Creek’s multi-tank fuel trailers do not require a HAZMAT endorsement, making it easy to transport different fuel without regulatory burdens.

    Multi-Tank Truck Upfit

    For those who prefer to have the fuel or fluid management system integrated into their existing truck, Thunder Creek offers Multi-Tank Truck Upfit solutions. Thunder Creek’s Upfit is a multi-tank option that allows you to move up to 920 gallons at once. An Upfit allows you to transform your truck into a mobile fueling station or fluid delivery vehicle.

    Economy Fuel Trailers

    Economy Fuel Trailers are a great choice for users who prioritize cost-effectiveness, without compromising on quality and performance. These trailers are designed to provide essential fuel transport capabilities at a more affordable price point. They comply with DOT regulations and come standard with brakes, fender lights, and reflective tape.

    Double Wall Trailers

    A common choice based on enhanced safety and environmental protection, Double Wall Trailers by Thunder Creek Equipment provide 110% containment and feature a 990-gallon tank with an integrated pumping system. The double wall construction minimizes the risk of fuel leaks and provides added durability. Double Wall Trailers are often the preferred choice in industries with strict regulations or sensitive environments that require an additional level of security.

  • Fuel & Lube Solutions in Fort Wayne

    Moving fuel, oil, and other lubricants present challenges that require innovative and durable solutions. The ability to safely perform refueling and maintenance in the field is extremely valuable to businesses focused on getting the job done on time. Turn to Fuel & Lube solutions from Thunder Creek including:

    Multi-Tank Oil Trailers

    Designed specifically for the transportation and storage of oil and other lubricants, Thunder Creek produces Multi-Tank Oil Trailers that do not require a HAZMAT endorsement. These trailers feature multiple compartments with separate pumping and metering systems, allowing you to transport and dispense multiple liquids on a single trip. They are equipped with filtration systems and spill containment features to ensure safe and clean oil handling.

    Service & Lube Trailers

    Service & Lube Trailers from Thunder Creek provide a comprehensive solution for on-site service and maintenance operations. Equipped with integrated storage compartments for lubricants, greases, fluids, and tools, they are designed to provide technicians with mobile workshops. This provides your workers with easy access to the equipment and supplies needed for servicing machinery and vehicles while in the field.

    Service & Lube Upfit

    Similar to Service & Lube Trailers, their Upfit counterparts are equipped with storage areas of lubricants, greases, and other fluids necessary for on-site service. They can transform your truck into a fully equipped mobile service and maintenance vehicle. This Upfit option allows for customization based on specific service needs, including storage compartments, dispensing systems, and auxiliary equipment.

  • DEF Solutions in Fort Wayne

    Thunder Creek provides equipment designed to help you transport Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in bulk. Their equipment offers unmatched performance and includes solutions including:

    Bulk DEF Trailers

    Handling DEF in bulk presents challenges, but with the right equipment from Thunder Creek, the process is made significantly more manageable and efficient. Bulk DEF Trailers feature specialized tanks with dedicated pumping and dispensing systems for DEF. They are built with materials that are compatible with DEF and equipped with filtration systems to ensure purity and maintain the integrity of the fluid.

    DEF Saddle Tank

    A more compact and space-saving solution for DEF storage and dispensing, DEF Saddle Tanks are designed to be mounted onto a truck or equipment, providing a readily accessible source of DEF while on the go. ISO-compliant, the Saddle Tank allows for convenient refilling of DEF tanks in vehicles or machinery, helping to maintain compliance with emissions regulations

  • Thunder Creek Equipment – Available in Fort Wayne, IN from RPM Machinery 

    Equipment from Thunder Creek is built with the customer in mind. Thunder Creek understands the challenges faced by industry professionals, and their equipment is designed to provide a solution. This a major reason RPM Machinery has partnered to sell, service, and supply parts for equipment from Thunder Creek in Fort Wayne, Indiana and beyond.

    As a trusted source of equipment throughout Indiana, RPM Machinery is committed to helping your business. Consistent operations improvements like those provided by Thunder Creek Equipment have long lasting benefits for your performance and revenue goals.

Speak with an expert at RPM Machinery today.