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Rayco Equipment in Franklin, IN

Rayco Equipment in Franklin, Indiana

Rayco consistently manufactures equipment for the tree and landscape industry that meets and exceeds the needs of customers around the world. When you’re looking for Rayco equipment throughout the Franklin, Indiana area, be sure to contact the team at RPM Machinery. We’re proud to partner with Rayco because we believe in the durability and reliability provided by their construction equipment products. Contact us today to learn more about equipment from Rayco.

Rayco Equipment From RPM Machinery

RPM Machinery provides customers throughout Franklin, IN with high-quality construction equipment from Rayco Manufacturing including stump cutters, crawler trucks, forestry mulchers, wheel loaders, stump cutter trailers, and other helpful products. We are a trusted Rayco dealer serving a range of clients in Franklin. Some of the equipment we provide includes:

  • Stump Cutters

    Meet all of your stump cutting needs with our wide selection of different models of stump cutters from Rayco with a line of versatile equipment. These types of machinery have a strong engine that offers high horsepower, helping them maintain efficiency while performing their duties. These machines come in different dimensions, like the RG74T-R Stump Cutter being self-propelled, while the RG55 Stump Cutter can be operated manually. These stump cutting tools provide enough force required to remove stumps with ease.

  • Wheel Loaders

    As a leading Rayco dealer in Franklin, we provide wheel loaders that offer both versatility and power. This equipment provides the strength to load three trucks and other objects on the construction site. With a mid-skid steer and articulated design, the 1800AWL Wheel Loader model comes with a powerful horsepower engine that makes it suitable for its function.

  • Mulchers

    We provide several models of forestry mulchers from Rayco, such as the C275 Forestry Mulcher and the C120R Forestry Mulcher. These machines come with a powerful horsepower with an over 200HP engine that makes them capable of crossing sensitive turf and roadways. This makes the equipment suited to clear unwanted vegetation and underbrush. Contact RPM Machinery today to learn more about forestry mulchers from Rayco.

  • Cutter Trailers

    With various models of stump cutter trailers, including theTF100 Trailer, the machines have a strong horsepower engine that makes them suitable for haulage services, mainly to haul the Rayco RG165T-R self-propelled stump cutter and other stump cutting models such as the Super Jr and the RG80 stump cutters. These machines provide the needed versatility and force to haul heavy stump cutting products to different sites.

  • Mini-Work-Force Equipment

    Rayco manufactures different mini-workforce equipment, including the RG25HD Stump Cutter. As a Rayco Equipment dealer, we provide such equipment to several clients in Franklin. These machines offer a commercial-grade solution for your stump-cutting needs.

The RPM “Right Fit” Process

At RPM, your needs and expectations are our priority. We have a six-step “Right Fit” process for all equipment sales.

  1. Pre-Bid
  2. Blueprint Review
  3. Planning & Estimating
  4. Mobilization
  5. Groundbreaking
  6. Ribbon Cutting

We’re proud of our “Right Fit” process, as it helps to connect customers with the very best equipment for their needs, in addition to providing them with the support that they need. Learn more about the process here.

Work With RPM Machinery in Franklin, IN

RPM Machinery is a trusted Rayco construction equipment dealer based in Indiana that serves many customers and the community. Our years of experience in the construction equipment industry make us the right dealer to work with regarding construction and environmental equipment from Rayco.

We have a team of experts well trained regarding different types of environmental equipment. Our skilled team provides training, product demonstration, and support to your crew to help them have hands-on experience.

RPM Machinery deals with various products and equipment that offer versatility during their operations. The construction equipment has a strong horsepower engine that makes it efficient on construction sites.

Our partnership with international and local organizations and the community makes us the right fit for your business solutions. This shows our reputation as we provide services and products that meet our clients’ needs and goals. Our track record of being a trusted Rayco Manufacturing dealer in Franklin shows our commitment to prioritizing quality and client satisfaction by achieving desired goals.

Get in Touch With RPM Machinery for Rayco Equipment in Franklin, IN

Are you looking for the right construction equipment for your business in Franklin? No need to worry, RPM Machinery provides excellent products and equipment. Get in touch with us today for Rayco equipment in Franklin, IN.

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