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New CASE Excavators for Sale

New CASE Excavators

Full-size excavators from CASE emphasize speed and power. Designed to tackle the toughest jobs with precision and efficiency, CASE’s cutting-edge machines integrate the latest technology to optimize performance while ensuring operator comfort and safety.

RPM Machinery is a proud dealer of CASE equipment throughout Indiana, including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, and Franklin. Reach out to our team today to request a product demo or to learn more about a CASE excavator for sale.

  • Excavators Built for Greater Productivity

    As a construction professional, keeping your projects on track demands machinery that meets your needs and expectations. CASE’s excavators are meticulously engineered to redefine productivity standards in the field. 

    Equipped with innovative features such as intelligent control systems and automated functions, they streamline operations, significantly reducing the time required for complex tasks. Their high digging forces and rapid cycle times expedite the completion of projects, enhancing overall efficiency. 

    With increased uptime and reduced maintenance intervals, excavators from CASE allow you to maintain consistently high performance and productivity. Contact RPM Machinery today to learn more.

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  • New Excavators from CASE

    CASE’s line of premier excavators offers heightened performance, power, and productivity. Learn more about each model to determine the best fit for your needs:

    • CX130E: The CASE CX130D is compact yet powerful, providing excellent performance on a variety of job sites. With its impressive digging capability, excellent fuel efficiency, and advanced hydraulic systems, this machine provides impressive results.


    • CX145E SR: Featuring a Short Radius design for enhanced maneuverability in confined spaces, the CX145D SR delivers high digging and lifting capabilities. It prioritizes fuel efficiency and operator comfort.


    • CX160E: Providing the ideal balance between power and agility, this excavator is ideal for mid-sized projects. It incorporates advanced technologies for efficient fuel utilization.


    • CX210E: With increased digging and lifting capacities, this model is designed for versatility in various soil conditions. Advanced features enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs.


    • CX245E SR: Configured with a Short Radius for tight job sites, this excavator boasts a robust build for heavy-duty applications. It provides high precision and control for efficient operation.


    • CX250E: The CX250D excavator from CASE provides high performance with increased digging and lifting capacities. The model is engineered for durability and reliability in even the most demanding conditions. Advanced technology ensures improved fuel efficiency.


    • CX290E Material Handler: Tailored for material handling applications, this model has an extended boom and arm for increased reach. It is built to withstand the rigorous demands of material sorting and processing.


    • CX300E: A powerful excavator suitable for a broad range of applications, it incorporates advanced hydraulic systems for smooth and efficient operation. Enhanced operator comfort and safety features are prioritized.


    • CX350E: Built for heavy-duty excavation tasks, this robust construction model boasts high digging forces and lifting capacities. Advanced technology contributes to optimal fuel efficiency.


    • CX490E: Designed for substantial digging and loading tasks, this large excavator ensures maximum productivity and efficiency. The machine’s durable design and features can withstand the tough working conditions on your job site.


    • CX750E: Tailored for the most demanding excavation projects, this model offers impressive digging and lifting capabilities. The machine includes features that prioritize optimal fuel efficiency and operator comfort.

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  • Attachments for Heightened Capabilities

    CASE’s excavators are compatible with a wide range of attachments, making them customizable depending on your exact requirements. 

    Whether it’s a hydraulic hammer for breaking concrete, a grapple for handling irregular materials, or a tilting coupler for increased flexibility, CASE’s attachments can expand on the equipment’s already impressive versatility.

    With a variety of attachments, you can seamlessly transition from one job to the next without losing out on productivity or efficiency. CASE excavators provide a tailored solution for every stage of your project.

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  • Why CASE?

    Known around the world for manufacturing durable, high-quality equipment, CASE is a leader in the construction equipment industry. CASE stands out as a brand committed to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. 

    With a rich history in engineering excellence, their excavators embody a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and rugged durability. The brand’s dedication to continual improvement and understanding the evolving needs of the construction industry ensures that their machines consistently exceed expectations, offering not just equipment, but a partnership in achieving project success.

    At RPM Machinery, we proudly partner with CASE because we believe in their commitment to innovation and quality. Contact us today for CASE equipment throughout Indiana.

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  • Choose RPM Machinery for New CASE Excavators

    RPM Machinery stands as the premier destination for acquiring new CASE excavators. As an authorized dealer, we offer comprehensive support and expertise along with the machines.

    Looking for a CASE excavator for sale in Indiana? Look no further than RPM Machinery. With a commitment to customer service and a deep understanding of the industry, RPM Machinery provides guidance in selecting the right excavator to suit specific project requirements. Get in touch with our team of experts today to get started.

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