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Avant Equipment in Fort Wayne, IN

Avant Equipment in Fort Wayne, IN

RPM Machinery provides the Fort Wayne, IN area with the best Avant loaders, widely recognized as being among the best in the industry. Avant’s line of loaders is outfitted with cutting-edge horsepower engines that make it ideal for a wide range of tasks. Reach out to RPM Machinery today to learn more about how equipment from Avant can make an impact on your business.

Equipment Available from Avant

We provide various Avant equipment loaders in different sizes and engine power. These include:

  • 800 Series

    The 800 Series brings you the much-needed power to perform your work quickly. The 800 Series model is one of Avant’s strongest loaders, designed to handle heavy-duty jobs compared to other loaders. The machine can handle stone pallets and can be easily hauled on a conventional car trailer.

  • 700 Series

    This machine brings you the needed power required by your on-site team. Industry players consider it a great choice. The Avant 700 Series is a handy tool for property maintenance, lifting, and handling paving stones.

  • 600 Series

    With its power and agility, the Avant 600 Series combines lift capacity, power, and strong hydraulics, making it a popular choice for several industries, including landscaping and lifting heavy loads.

  • 500 Series

    This equipment offers unbeatable power at a cheaper price than other loaders. The 500 Series can easily maneuver in hard-to-reach areas, and with its straightforward hydraulics and engine power, the machine can lift heavy loads for its size.

  • 400 Series

    In the Avant loader production line, the Avant 400 Series comes in as a light and economical workhorse that can lift more than 1,200 pounds of load weight easily due to a lifting height as high as 9.02 feet.

Avant’s Extensive Line of Attachments

Avant manufactures a wide range of equipment and accessories to help fulfill your company’s demands as a leading top-tier industrial machinery manufacturer. With over 200 attachments available for their line of loaders, Avant equipment can make an impact on nearly any project.

Loader engines are critical to the timely completion of any industrial job, including farming, landscaping, and stoning. Avant’s line of attachments can help with a wide range of landscaping, sanding, and plowing projects.

The Team at RPM Machinery Can Help You Find the Right Equipment

Our six-step “Right Fit” process gives you a straightforward way your business can receive the best piece of equipment for its unique needs.


  1. Pre-Bid. RPM will examine your objectives, goals, and prospective ties between your company and us in this initial step. This will assist in determining whether RPM may favorably influence your business growth and whether it is the correct fit for your intended work.

  2. Blueprint Review. Following pre-bidding, we will determine your present fleet or suppliers to understand your daily demands better. RPM will then assess your productivity and profit potential by examining your future objectives and confirming that we can contribute to your growth. We will also inspect the appropriate equipment for your task to complete this critical phase.

  3. Mobilization. We will provide a full product demonstration at this stage. This will help you understand how to operate your equipment, and you will receive hands-on experience with the machines. We will explain how the program works and why it is an ideal fit for you with our Just in CASE Assurance Program, which includes a 12-month guarantee on all equipment. Following that, we will finish the price and financing process, ensuring that the machine chosen is the best fit for your team.

  4. Planning and Estimating. RPM takes pride in offering high-quality equipment tailored to your specific company requirements. This stage will provide extensive explanations of how specific equipment works. We will estimate costs and calculate the consequent returns. Furthermore, we will help you with the acquisition process by validating that our equipment best fits your company’s needs.

  5. Groundbreaking. Our crew will deliver the machines to your business location in this step. This allows you to go over the merchandise and make the payment. We will also present our support team, which will be available to provide technical assistance and keep your system working for the foreseeable future.

  6. Ribbon Cutting. In this final section of our process, we explain ongoing help, teach you or any of your crew members who may need to become acquainted with the equipment, and define our management’s accessibility. We’re always available if you need us.

Contact RPM for Avant Equipment Throughout Fort Wayne, IN

For more information about the Avant equipment available from RPM Machinery in Fort Wayne, get in touch with us online. We’re passionate about providing our customers with only the best products in Fort Wayne, IN, and that includes equipment from Avant.

Speak with an expert at RPM Machinery today.