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Avant Equipment in Franklin, IN

Avant Equipment in Franklin, IN

Needing the best industrial equipment in Franklin should not be a hassle for you and your company. RPM Machinery in Franklin, IN provides you with the perfect opportunity to acquire top-notch Avant equipment to complete your work with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

RPM Machinery provides you with quality and durable loaders from Avant that offer excellent engine power for heavy-duty jobs. We pride ourselves on providing you with world-class equipment for your business that outperforms our competitors. These machines come in handy for your desired job as they can perform jobs requiring great power. Another added advantage of Avant loaders is that they are easy to operate, making it easy for your team to operate the equipment.

Equipment Available from Avant

Avant’s line of loaders provides you with a variety of powerful equipment to help you get the job done. These loaders include:

  • 800 Series

    This Avant loader model comes equipped with a powerful horsepower engine that makes it suitable to lift heavy loads and do heavy-duty jobs. Loaders in the 800 Series are the strongest and feature a 4,190-pound capacity. The equipment can easily handle stone pallets. This machine can also maneuver in inaccessible areas where bigger machines cannot go as they can be easily transported on a conventional car.

  • 700 Series

    The Avant 700 Series has excellent power for professionals after the 800 Series. Compared to the 800 Series, this equipment is ideal for street cleaning and property maintenance. For your business solutions, you should consider this machine as it offers a great choice where drive speed or high lift capacity is needed. In your industrial jobs, the 700 Series comes in handy for lifting and handling bales on farms and moving materials on construction sites.

  • 600 Series

    When you need power and agility for your business solutions, the Avant 600 Series loader is the perfect choice for your business solution. This equipment combines powerful features, including high lift capacity, power, and professional hydraulics, making it easier for your crew to handle jobs requiring great power and high lift height. Considering the 600 Series for your business would be a great move because this equipment is famous for several industries, including construction, ground care, and landscaping.

  • 500 Series

    The Avant 500 Series is the best choice for your business if you’re looking for unbeatable power and a cost-friendly loader. With similar features to the Avant 600 Series, this equipment offers power and straightforward hydraulics, making lifting and loading heavy loads easy for your industrial jobs. This equipment provides excellent maneuverability in hard-to-reach locations, making it easier for your team to continue operations in bushy or forested areas. The Avant 500 Series also offers incredible power to lift heavy loads for its size.

  • 400 Series

    Indeed, businesses wish to have a lightweight and economical workhorse machine that is easy to operate and haul in different locations. This is where the Avant loader 400 Series can help your business. The design of the equipment, especially its turning radius of fewer than two meters, makes it a perfect loader that can turn almost on the spot. Other added features include a powerful engine that makes lifting more than 1,200 pounds of weight quickly. Despite its smaller size, the equipment has a lifting height as high as 9.02 feet, making it easy to load trucks.

Over 200 Attachments for Avant Loaders

With over 200 attachments for Avant loaders, you can select the right tools from a versatile line of attachments that are purposely designed for all-year use and to deliver the desired results.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial machines, Avant manufactures a variety of loaders and attachments suitable to meet your business needs. With over 200 attachments for Avant loaders, their equipment can help you with nearly any job you might face.

These loaders also come in different sizes, from big to small, making them suitable for other jobs in different terrains. The different sizes also make the equipment easy to operate for your team. The loaders can easily be hauled in hard-to-reach areas as they provide simple maneuverability in such locations.

Why Work with RPM Machinery?

Our years of expertise in industrial machines and as a world-class equipment dealer for Avant make us the perfect partner for your business solutions. RPM Machinery’s “Right Fit” process can help you ensure that your business receives the best piece of equipment for its unique needs. As we prioritize your needs and expectations with quality equipment, our six-step “Right Fit” process gives you an overview of all equipment sales.


  1. Pre-Bid­­­. During this initial and crucial step, our experts assess the potential relationship with your business by determining the right fit for your business solutions. This will also help us determine if we can positively impact your growth.
  2. Blueprint Review. In our second step, we will look into your current fleet and suppliers to determine the right fit for your business solutions. This will also help us assess your business productivity and profit opportunities when using our equipment. All of this confirms that our machinery will align with your business’ future goals and spur growth.

  3. Planning and Estimating. Our machines are cost-friendly, giving you an easy time to plan and acquire equipment based on your estimated budget. In this step, our experts will clearly describe our equipment and confirm the right fit. In addition, our team will provide cost estimates and assist you with the acquisition method.

  4. Mobilization. In this step, we provide product demonstration, training, and support to help your team gain hands-on experience with our range of equipment. Our machinery is guaranteed to be durable in different terrain. This is affirmed in our Just in CASE Assurance program, which provides a 12-month warranty on the whole equipment.

  5. Groundbreaking. After finalizing the payment, your acquired equipment is delivered to the premises. Our specialists will meet your support team for further technical operations training.

  6. Ribbon Cutting. In this final step, RPM Machinery experts provide support and train your crew members regarding different types of equipment and how they function. Afterward, we will talk with your management team about accessibility.

RPM Machinery Offers Avant Equipment Throughout Franklin, IN

Don’t hesitate to contact RPM Machinery for Avant equipment in Franklin, Indiana. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have about equipment from Avant.

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