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Avant Equipment in Indianapolis, IN

Avant Equipment in Indianapolis, IN

RPM Machinery provides Avant equipment to companies throughout Indianapolis, Indiana, and beyond. Avant offers world-class industrial machinery, such as loaders of different models, including the 800 and 700 series.

Avant designs equipment to meet your expectations by performing heavy-duty jobs in different terrains. Loaders from Avant are equipped with state-of-the-art horsepower engines that make them suitable for their designed jobs. As an expert in the industrial machinery field, you should consider equipment from Avant, as it is manufactured to meet its purpose. Using equipment from Avant can help get the job done quicker and easier than ever before.

Loaders from Avant

As a leading manufacturer of loaders of different types, Avant provides versatile and high-quality equipment that meets your requirements. Contact RPM Machinery to learn more about the following loaders from Avant:

  • 800 Series

    The 800 Series is the biggest and most powerful machine in Avant’s line of loaders. This machine has more capacity and lift height than ever before. The 800 Series can easily handle stone pallets thanks to its 4,190-pound capacity. The machine can load the truck from one side to the far edge, saving you time from having to drive around the truck while loading. Also, these loaders make it easy to work in places where larger machines cannot go and can be easily transported on a conventional car trailer.

  • 700 Series

    The 700 Series provides the power that professionals need and expect from their equipment. This equipment provides you with the best drive speed or high lift capacity you require. The 700 Series is ideal for street cleaning and property maintenance. In addition, this machine is also suitable for lifting and handling bales on farms and paving stones. 700 series loaders help to complete the job as effectively and efficiently as possible.

  • 600 Series

    Do you need power and agility in industrial work? Check out the 600 Series loaders from Avant. This equipment combines lift capacity, power, and professional hydraulics to meet the needs of construction professionals everywhere. This equipment is considered a trendy choice for several industries, including farming and landscaping. It would be best if you had a 600 Series loader as an industrial player, making it easy to complete most of your job on time. The machine is also easy to operate, making it easy for your team to be conversant with how the machine works.

  • 500 Series

    The 500 Series loaders provide you with unbeatable power required during industrial jobs. You can obtain this powerful machine at a cost-friendly price. The machine offers power and straightforward hydraulics, making it well suited for most of your jobs. Regardless of its compact dimensions and good maneuverability, this machine can lift heavy loads for its size. The 500 series can easily maneuver hard-to-reach locations, speeding up your operations.

  • 400 Series

    The 400 Series is the best choice of machinery if you’re looking for a light and economical workhorse for your intended job. This machine is very powerful; it can easily lift an object of more than 1,200 pounds. The 400 Series comes in small sizes that make it easy to operate. They maneuver hard-to-reach places with a lifting height as high as 9.02 feet. You should consider having this type of machine in your company. Its small size makes it easy for your team to operate the machine.

Attachments for Avant’s High-Quality Loaders

Industrial work is a very challenging environment with different terrains, making it difficult for your team to continue their job in such areas. Moreover, some machines are also difficult to operate. Every job is different; some jobs are in inaccessible locations while others require more power. In such cases, Avant brings you the best machinery (quality loaders) you will need in your industrial work.

Machines from Avant provide a lot of power needed to get work done in the shortest time possible. This equipment can lift and load heavy loads on trucks with a larger engine capacity and greater horsepower. We provide Avant loaders that are suitable for landscaping, stoning and loading heavy loads on trucks.

Avant equipment can adapt to your needs by providing you with quality equipment that makes it easy for you and your company to accomplish jobs.

An Authorized Avant Supplier in Indianapolis, IN

Avant is a world-known manufacturer of quality equipment. However, finding the right dealer might be a challenge for businesses in Indianapolis. Due to this, RPM Machinery is a suitable dealer of Avant in the greater Indianapolis area.

As a trusted dealer of Avant, RPM Machinery provides you with the best quality equipment you need for your job and company. Our years of experience working with reputable manufacturers like Avant makes us the ideal supplier of all your machines in Indianapolis. We are industry experts dealing with different types of equipment. Our excellent knowledge of these machines makes us the perfect partner for your business needs as we can understand your needs and determine the right machine to meet your needs at a desirable cost.

By prioritizing quality, we provide our customers in Indianapolis with the highest quality equipment from Avant. Teaming with RPM Machinery in Indianapolis makes it easy to acquire world-class equipment without outsourcing it to other areas.

Partnering with us will help your business grow as our machines provide the needed power to handle your jobs and meet your expectations, helping your crew conduct its operations easily. Considering RPM Machinery as your supplier for Avant will guarantee the durability of machines for the coming years.

Contact RPM Machinery for Avant Equipment in the Indianapolis Area

Are you looking for Avant equipment in the Indianapolis, IN area? We’re proud to provide customers with access to high-quality equipment from the team at Avant. Contact us online today to learn more about how Avant equipment can positively affect your business.

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