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How Regular Heavy Equipment Maintenance Saves on Repair Costs

Investing in regular heavy equipment maintenance can greatly impact your business. RPM Machinery has spent decades delivering high-quality services to keep equipment running. For both large construction companies, facilities, and independent contractors, the cost of downtime can be devastating.

When heavy equipment fails and needs repair services, the initial cost is the price of fixing the faulty component. The true costs go far beyond repairing the equipment. Fairly or not, customers judge a company when work halts or goes past due. Delays can further impact the scheduling of upcoming jobs and prevent personnel from losing confidence and focus on their work. Would you risk your business on whether heavy equipment and construction tools are compromised?

Of course not. So how do you care for your equipment and mitigate the risk of breakdowns and failures?

Whether you rent or own your heavy equipment, maintenance is key to reducing the frequency and severity of heavy equipment repair. RPM Machinery offers a wide range of services including preventative maintenance at our facility and on-site across Indiana. Let’s examine how preventative maintenance fits into your schedule and reduces expenses.

How Does Preventive Maintenance Reduce the Cost of Operation?

Your savings go beyond increased uptime. In construction, fuel expenses and breakdowns are accepted as part of heavy workloads but properly maintained heavy equipment runs more efficiently. Maintenance is more than clean air filters and proper fluid levels.

Consider these additional benefits of scheduled preventative maintenance:


A commitment to caring for machines promotes safety for workers and bystanders. If an accident occurs involving your equipment and the failure is deemed to have been preventable, then you are at greater risk of litigation and liability.

Identify Issues Early

Everyday maintenance and inspections diminish these risks. When operators follow a checklist daily, possible issues are caught and can be addressed before major problems occur. Heavy equipment engines, hydraulic systems, traction controls, and electrical systems are far more advanced than ever before. This means following the manufacturer’s service schedule is key to successful operations.

Lower Fuel Costs and Waste

Idle construction equipment accounts for up to 40% of overall fuel use. Properly maintained fuel systems, filters, fluids, exhaust, and other engine components can greatly increase efficiency and ensure your equipment is reliable at all times.

Decrease Repairs

The initial goal for most operators and business owners is to minimize repair time and costs. Here are a few examples of how a lack of maintenance can waste money and lead to repairs:

  • Lubrication and Grease: Grease points are key to achieving precision. Properly lubricated machines are less sloppy and reduce corrections when working.
  • Moving Parts: Worn belts, pulleys, and springs can cause a machine to work harder. This can decrease fuel efficiency and quickly result in an unplanned repair.
  • Traction Systems: Adjusting the tension on tracks prevents wear in the traction system and maintains maneuverability. Even a flat tire or bent wheel can cost hours of downtime on a job site.

Cleaning and performing preventative maintenance on heavy equipment should be a daily occurrence for all operators and business owners. Visual inspections, cleaning, and access to OEM parts improve reliability.

Increase Equipment Lifespan

Preventative maintenance reduces stress on machines. On average, predictive maintenance increases productivity by 25% and reduces breakdowns by 70%. That also means heavy equipment and construction equipment have a long lifespan.

Ultimately, the goal of any business is to minimize expenses and increase overall profitability. Preventive maintenance accomplishes just that goal.

How Can We Save on Maintenance Costs?

From OEM parts to complete professional maintenance, your business can save by working with a leading service partner such as RPM Machinery. At each of our RPM Machinery locations in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Franklin, and Lafayette, Indiana, our team offers a range of maintenance options. Building a relationship with our team gives you access to vast knowledge about the industry as well as skilled technicians.

From the most common maintenance to custom fabrication and complete rebuilds, our team supports your business in all facets. With locations around Indiana and the capability to perform regular preventative maintenance on-site, RPM Machinery helps you save maintenance costs and stay focused on your company and job.

Ready to learn more about our full range of services? Contact our team today.